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dragonwoodIf you love children’s books, please participate in a new weekly blog meme:

Write a Review Wednesday!

Parents, teachers and librarians are relying on online reviews more than ever to help them decide upon book purchases. Your opinion counts! Praise a picture book. Marvel over a middle grade novel. Tell everyone that young adult isn’t just for young adults!

On Wednesdays, write an online book review for a book that you love. The review could be posted on your blog,  Amazon, B&N, GoodReads, or you could tweet your book bravos on Twitter. It doesn’t matter WHERE you do it. The goal is to get more people who are passionate about kidlit talking about their recent, fabulous reads.

(The extraordinary podcast Just One More Book encourages you to phone your book review into their hotline. They will include your review in one of their shows!)

Don’t forget to link to information on where the book can be purchased–the publisher’s site, the author/illustrator’s site, or a retailer.

If you’re participating via Twitter, link to your online review and use the hashtag #warw, which I’ve defined on Tagalus.

And if you don’t have the time to write a review, simply link to a review that you appreciated. There are many prolific book bloggers (like Maw Books and Write for a Reader), so let’s give them our thanks.

Ideas for “Write a Review Wednesday”? Please leave a comment!

Now let the reviewing begin!

Imagine Monday is a weekly blog meme for children’s writers—and fans of children’s fiction.

One of the fastest growing online venues for micro fiction is Six Sentences, yet the target audience is adults. Imagine Monday challenges you to write an über-short tale for kids in ten sentences (or less) using a weekly prompt. Flash your brilliance in a few lines.

It’s simple:

  • Each Friday a prompt will be posted here.
  • Take Saturday and Sunday to write.
  • Submit your entry via your own blog sometime on Monday.
  • Include a link back to the prompt page. Use the tag Imagine Monday.
  • Visit fellow participants and leave constructive comments if you choose.

Have fun! Stretch your creativity. Use the prompt to put a character from your current project in a different situation. Start something entirely new. Compose a series of connected tales. Or simply get in a little writing practice. Do with it what you will.

Sometimes the prompt will be a sentence, sometimes a single word. We’ll mix it up and include images, too. See what you can create in just a few sentences. Make it tight. Make it memorable.

All are welcome, regardless of age or writing experience–and you don’t even have to own a blog. You can submit your writing here via the comments field.

Imagine Monday kicks off with the first prompt this Friday, October 10. Please join us!

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