Been snowed in this week and going stir crazy?


Yowie! I think you may have fractured something there, buddy.

Speaking of fractures, all along I’ve been calling LITTLE RED GLIDING HOOD a fractured fairytale, but I think I’ve been WRONG. Yes, folks, I’m admitting my mistake. Somebody turn up The Biebs!


LITTLE RED is actually a fairytale MASH-UP. (This is probably a sub-segment of a fracture, like a bone chip.)

I didn’t merely retell LITTLE RED, I inserted a flock of fairytale and nursery rhyme characters into a whole new story starring Red and The Big Bad Wolf.

During revisions, editor Heidi Kilgras asked me to create a chain reaction after the boy cried “Wolf!”. I immediately whipped this up, which Troy Cummings illustrated brilliantly:


I’m wondering if maybe I haven’t marketed this book correctly. Do people think it’s the same story as the original, just taking place on ice??? No, it’s so much more than that!

Again, self-doubt creeps into the creative’s mind. Self-doubt, which I talked about last week, happens not just when you’re writing, but through every part of the book-making process…even when the process is over! I still think self-doubt is healthy, as long as it’s not overwhelming or paralyzing. Those slices of doubt help you create a better book…and perhaps also help you market the title more effectively!

So now I’m doing the mashed potato.


Oh wait, not THAT mashed potato. I’ll leave that for an alien book.

OK, enough hijinks (which is a FABULOUS word for a picture book text)…onto the final winners of the PiBoIdMo daily prizes. I will be emailing the remaining winners (from this week) later today to arrange delivery!

Day 21: Nancy Tupper Ling Winner
LANE ARNOLD (Double Happiness)

Day 22: Anna Staniszewski Winner
CAROL GWIN NELSON (Power Down, Little Robot)

Day 23: Katy Duffield Winner

Day 24: Jesse Klausmeier Winner
ANNIE CRONIN ROMANO (Open This Little Book)

Day 25: AJ Smith Winner
ROBYN CAMPBELL (Even Monsters)

Day 26: Pat Zietlow Miller Winner
LISA CONNORS (Share the Bread)

Day 27: Kelly DiPucchio Winner
AMY BRADSHAW (Everyone Loves Bacon)

Day 28: Paula Yoo Winner
CHRISTINE RODENBOUR (Twenty-Two Cents…the book, not $0.22!)

Day 29: Arree Chung Winner

Day 30: Kim Norman Winner

Congratulations to all the winners…and that includes all those who completed the 30-ideas-in-30-days challenge. Remember you can honor your gumption (ooh, another great word!) with a prize at the PiBoIdMo CafePress Shop! Like this snazzy mug! Every purchase via our link makes $3.00 for RIF (all proceeds).


In 2015,  PiBoIdMo donated $230.39 to Reading is Fundamental,  helping to put new books into the hands of underprivileged children. A sincere thank you to those who snapped up PiBoIdMo goodies. You did a good thing.


Thanks to everyone for participating! That’s all, it’s OVAH!

Now I think I’ll go hibernate with this guy!