I wanted to kick this year’s holiday gift list off with a bang…

…but alas, this frilled lizard pencil sharpener DOES NOT EXIST! It’s simply a brilliant idea by designer mitiruxxx.

Somebody call FRED! They gotta get on this, STAT!

Something that does exist, however, is this Lego Typewriter.

I’m speechless.

(I know, right?)

From that fabulous FRED I mentioned earlier comes this “Filing Saucer” cow paperclip dispenser. I bet Bloop (shameless plug) would get carried away with this!

This is something for which I’ve been waiting a lifetime: Lite Brite Wall Art!

I envision this hung on your writing room door, lit up when you’re not to be disturbed, customized with the phrase of your choice (or a choice phrase).

And you won’t be bothered, because everyone headed your way will stop to play with it…and forget what they wanted from you. Genius.

While we’re on the subject of lights, this one is illuminating: Rainbow Light Bulb!

I’m not sure how much light it gives off, but it does emit an inspiring vibe! Just what you’ll need for Storystorm 2023!

Every writer needs a practical briefcase or laptop bag. These beautiful vintage-inspired creations by ECOSUSI are eco-friendly, free of animal products, made in ethical factories, and the company is female-led. And wow—hello, gorgeous!

We writers need a collection of comfortable writing loungewear. Hence the next pick: Peanuts Jammies from Hanna Andersson! (I’m filled with nostalgia this year!)

Folks, I’ve been purchasing Hannas for a long time, and although a bit pricey, they don’t pill or wear out, and the cotton is super-comfy. This is not fast fashion; it’s lasting fashion. Charles M. Schulz himself would be proud to don these PJs.

What writer couldn’t use some encouragement? I need a pick-me-up on a weekly basis. If you do, too, check out Chronicle’s Pep Talks for Writers: 52 Insights and Actions to Boost Your Creative Mojo!

From the description: Every writer knows that as rewarding as the creative process is, it can often be a bumpy road. Have hope and keep at it! Designed to kick-start creativity, this handsome handbook from the executive director of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) gathers a wide range of insights and advice for writers at any stage of their career.

Where else can you find creative mojo? I head off to The Highlights Foundation when I need a creative kick-in-the-keister. A quiet, private cabin and three delicious Chef Amanda meals a day await you! A Gift Certificate for a personal retreat is the perfect gift for any writer! (You don’t have to be kidlit.)

This is “The Barn” where workshops (if attending one) and meals take place. Being disabled, I can vouch for the Foundation’s accessibility. I don’t hike the trails, but I can get from my cabin to the barn easily via my car, scooter and walker.

There’s an outdoor fireplace at Highlights with a basket of fixings for s’mores. To get that cheerful winter feeling—and your chocolate fix—make your own s’mores on the back deck with a City Bonfires Portable Fire Pit!

If all you want is a cozy ambiance (without the calories), there’s these wood-wick (with crackle and pop) soy candles in amazing scents, like Farmhouse Streusel

The Book Buddy is a reader’s best friend. I rate this “one thumb up” (the other thumb is busy holding my book).

Truth be told, I’m a tea aficionado, not a coffee connoisseur. However, I know there are plenty of writerly coffee lovers out there; I’m in the minority when it comes to my liquid mojo of choice. Javaphiles will jump for joy over 12 Christmas Mornings of Coffee Advent Calendar.

From the description: Caffeinated countdown: A dozen small-batch, seasonal ground coffees are nestled within this Advent calendar. Discover new flavors and profiles while tasting familiar wintertime notes like roasted chestnut, cranberry, sugar, and spice.

This gift reminds me of writer Jen Fier Jasinski. (She’ll know why.) Isn’t it adorable? It’s a Typewriter Planter with Succulents!

OK, here’s something you can write with (finally!). Don’t be intimidated by a fountain pen. These beginner pens feature a clear well design, allowing you to see how much ink is left. They come with full instructions, in a choice of cool colors. The TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen is affordable, too.

Tired of being distracted by dings, bleeps and alerts? Want to escape the pull of the Twitter hellscape? The FreeWriter Traveler is a calm in the laptop storm. The only thing you’ll be connected to is your manuscript.

“To be a good writer, you must be a good READER!” This is my message at school visits. Now you’ll be able to read way past bedtime (another shameless plug) with this Glocusent Rechargeable Neck Reading Light.


This year I asked a couple author friends what they’d recommend for a writerly holiday gift.

First up is Julie Falatko. Her most recent [adorably funny] book is RICK THE ROCK OF ROOM 214.

Here’s what Julie put on her writer’s wish list:

We recently got Ransom Notes and it is a perfect game for a family of readers and writers who all think we’re the funniest one at the table.

I love my Bookjigs bookmark for journals that don’t come with their own ribbon bookmark. (It works as a bookmark in any book, but I use it for morning pages journals.) I have this owl.

Lisa Tolin is next! Her debut picture book, HOW TO BE A ROCK STAR, was recently released! Woo-hoo!

I’m in love with this Storyboard Notebook. It’s designed for picture books, with 32 thumbnail pages on each of 63 spreads. (This sounds like math, but I wouldn’t do that to you.) I like seeing the beats of a story on a single spread for pacing. Plus, what writer doesn’t want another notebook? 

I’m also coveting kidlit art. A few on my list— 

Sophie Blackall has this print for the crossword lover

Jon Klassen’s mom makes adorable home accessories from his designs. 

Bob Shea makes these acrylic clouds and will even hand-bend them to go around a corner.

(Note from Tara: here are other kidlit illustrators with online shops: Charlene Chua, Nina Victor Crittenden, Susie Ghahremani, Diana Delosh, Rebekah Lowell, Lita Judge, Sean Qualls, Gareth Lucas, Anna Alter, Clover Robin, Joyce Wan, and Mirka Hokkanen.)

Also, check out my writerly gift lists from holidays past:

And last, but certainly not least, the Storystorm 2023 Idea Book/Journal is available NOW! (Yes, I finally got my act together and posted it before January!) The cover design is by Mirka Hokkanen. The proceeds of all sales ($4 each item when purchased via the link above) will benefit charity. I will name the charity (still deciding) when Storystorm begins in January.

Got a great gift idea for writers? Please leave it in the comments!

Happy Holidays!