Our first gift this year is the adorable “Snow Bear” mascot by the generous and talented Tatjana Mai-Wyss. Give her a follow on Instagram @tatjanamaiwyss for a daily dose of happy! You can also find her art on Etsy.

Speaking of Etsy, that’s where our initial group of gifts can be found. Etsy offers a variety of unique treasures for a superstar scribe. Here are a few examples…

Leather iPhone “Book” Case

This is a handsome, protective and useful phone case. There are several Etsy artisans offering similar ones—you can pick a favorite—although I’m sold on the vintage book design.


Literary Cookie Cutters

If you like to bake, then these are for you! Fahgettaboud gingerbread men! Your favorite writer wants to bite into Emily Dickinson!

Alternatively, give these to your writer-baker friend and they’ll gift you right back with a set of Shakespeare sugar cookies. (I see two sprinkles making a fine mustache.)


Book Shelf Scarf

Bonus: this scarf goes with any sweater hue!


Book Spine Stair Decals

Genius! Decals! You don’t need to hire a painter!


Sari-Covered Journals

Beautiful keepsake journals in every jewel color of the rainbow.


Vintage “Game of Authors”

I had never seen this before, but serendipity had me stumble over these games of yore. The first is from thee 1920’s and the second is the 1943 “Salem Edition.”


I love games of all kinds. Maybe your friend the children’s writer does, too. After all, we’re just overgrown kids.

MoMA “Writer’s Block” Jumping Game

Based on the perennial waiting-for-our-food-at-the-diner game, this version features colorful pencils to lighten the writer’s blocked mood.


The Storymatic Card Game

Invented by a writing professor, this card game offers character traits, situations and motivations even your most daringly creative friend never thought of shoving into one story.


Once Upon a Time Game

Pick some cards and then steer the story your way!


Modcloth is one of my favorite places to shop for quirky clothes. They are equally offbeat with their accessories!

Colored Pencil Wallet

It looks like it carries pencils, but it carries stuff to buy pencils.

What the @’&#*? Earring Set

How I needed these when writing THE UPPER CASE! (Not because I was cursing while creating it, but because these characters make cameos!)


OK, so maybe your writer friend wants to do some actual writing!

Vivid Gel Pen Set

Bright and smooth for fanciful journaling.


Delde Sliding, Standing Pen Pouch

I stole this idea from Heidi Stemple! This case is amazing…you unzip, pull down on the side handles, and all your writing implements are there for the grabbing! Indispensable for book signings!


ReMarkable Tablet

Writes like paper, saves like a computer!


Scapple Mind-Mapping Software

Watch the demo of this simple, straightforward method of connecting ideas visually. Scapple is helpful writer’s tool from the folks at Literature & Latte who brought you Scrivener.


While your writerly pal is doing their thing, they could use a thing to ensure their comfort. (If they’re cozy, they will keep that B.I.C.!)

Happy Heat Foot Warmer

Happy heat for happy feet!


Ember Heated Smart Mug

Hot tea! Hot coffee! Hot cocoa! YES, PLEASE!


Secret Garden Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Other blankets available; I just loved the birdie!


Out of Print Sweatshirt

I know some fashionistas say that adults should not wear cartoon merch. You know what I say to that? See this gift.


Panda Fleece-Lined Slipper Socks

Cute AND cozy—the perfect combination!


Your writer, while feeling cozy, will also get hungry. To stop hangry from spilling onto the page, consider these snacks.

Ma-Ka-Rohn Macarons

I ordered these for my daughter’s birthday and I can say MMMMRFFFFUMMFF!

(That’s “yummy” while my mouth is full.)


Amma’s Kitchen Kerala Mixture

Based on popular street food from India, this is a bag of spice and crunch. I usually opt for the mild, but the hot variety isn’t too hot!


BookBrews Subscription Box

Each month they ship a book, coffee/tea and chocolate. The gift that keeps you eating and reading!


As I often tell students, to be a good writer, you have to be a good reader.

Women of Letters Scratch-Off Chart

As you read, scratch off the title to reveal the woman behind it all!


Heroine Book Shelf

Here’s how it works…you nail it into your wall and place your books atop! Voila!

“Here I come to save the page!”


Literary Insults Chart

Have a clever burn within reach.


Once your writer has a book published, they need a way to display it!

The Bookstand.net

I first discovered these hand-made, sturdy stands at my local indie, The Bookworm in Bernardsville, NJ. I ordered a set of 6 for myself and they are the hit of every book festival! They hold about 5-6 picture books, titled upward for optimal viewing as crowds stroll by. There’s even a space on the front of the stand to place a small sign.

The wooden dowels are removable, which makes packing them up and transporting them easy. They have different sizes for various kinds of books. Best career purchase I ever made!


One last gift, this one for writers to give the non-writers in their life.

StoryWorth Subscription

With StoryWorth, you encourage family and close friends to share stories you haven’t heard before, then they’re collected and bound into a book. That’s a monumental memento! I wish this was around when my grandparents were still here!


I hope you enjoyed these gift suggestions!

Share the love and share your own picks in the comments!

Happy Holidays!