♩♪♫♬ Oh the weather outside is frightful… ♩♪♫♬

…and so is my voice so you really don’t wanna hear me sing!

But what you do want is snazzy stuff for your favorite writer friends, maybe even for yourself. So I’ve combed the Internet for some unique and writerly gadgets, gizmos and gifties you’ll be proud to give or own this holiday season. Grab a cuppa cocoa, shop and share!



1. USB Warming Things (Mug warmer, foot warmer and writing gloves)

If you’re attached to your computer all day, why not take it literally by plugging in and warming up? Keep your coffee hot, your tootsies warm and your fingers flying across the keyboard.


Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer available from GadgetsandGear.com.


Sea-son to Snuggle Narwhal Foot Warmers available from ModCloth.com.


USB Heated Writing Gloves available from KlearGear.com.


2. Maria Cristina Bellucci Jewelry

Do you want to make a statement? How about “I love to write (and live) in color”?

Maria Cristina Bellucci hand-carves colored pencils into the most unique and fun jewelry pieces you’ve ever seen.




Colored pencil jewelry available from mcbjewellery.bigcartel.com.


3. Litographs Shirt

The best book you’ve ever worn. Litographs t-shirts are comprised from the text of your favorite classics. Yes, those are green words!


The Secret Garden tee available from Litographs.com.


4. My Bookstore: Writers Celebrate Their Favorite Places to Browse, Read, and Shop

Before you take out a second mortgage, let me clarify: I’m not suggesting you buy a bookstore, but rather a book. Eighty-four authors tell tales of their favorite independent bookstores–with witty, heartfelt and inspiring words.


My Bookstore, available at your favorite indie.


5. Lumio Folding Booklamp

When bibliophiles open a book, they get turned on. Well, open this book and it turns itself on.




Lumio available from HelloLumio.com.


6. “Writer” Bookends

What better place to display your growing collection of authored titles?


“Writer” bookends available from Etsy seller KnobCreekMetalArts. (Thanks for the suggestion, Julie Segal Walters.)


7. Speech Bubble Bookends

Yes, another pair of bookends. But they’re worth it. You can make them say whatever you please!


Speech bubble bookends available from Gadetsandgear.com.


8. Library Due Date Card Tie

This is for the guys, if you want to be “checked out”.


Silk-screened library due date card tie available from Etsy seller Cyberoptix.


9. BookBook for MacBook

A sophisticated, leather-bound book cover for your more modern “book”.


BookBook available from twelvesouth.com. (Thanks for the suggestion, Mary Zisk.)


10. Boogie Board Sync

No, we’re not catching waves. We’re catching ideas! Ever lose those scraps of paper onto which you’ve scribbled what MUST be a NY TIMES BESTSELLER idea? Well, fret no more. Capture your thoughts on the Boogie Board and then sync it up to your smartphone or computer.


Boogie Board Sync available from myboogieboard.com.


11. FlipNote by Wellspring

For those who prefer the tried-and-true pad and paper, there’s FlipNotes. Stick it in your purse or pocket and never be without a place to store your thoughts.


FlipNote available from WellSpring.com.


12. Old Books Scented Candle

Give the gift that keeps on smelling (like a used bookstore)!


Old Books scented candle available from Etsy seller Frostbeard Studio.


Well, this is so much fun I could go on for ages. But alas, I must pause to get back to PiBoIdMo activities.

However, you can keep shopping via my Pinterest board, Things Writers Like. Hundreds more goodies there!


Enjoy and Happy Holidays, writers!