• Released October 27, 2015 with Random House BFYR


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Little Red Riding Hood straps on ice skates in this fractured fairy tale!

A figure-skating enthusiast, Little Red has worn out her skates and must win a pairs competition to earn new ones. But who will be her partner? The Dish is already skating with the Spoon, and Hansel has Gretel. You won’t believe what big eyes, sharp teeth, and furry paws her partner has . . . all the better to spin her with!



“Little Red Riding has been delightfully mashed up with ice-skating (you read that right) in this frosty version featuring a refreshingly diverse cast of familiar characters… The reliably fun concept of odd-couple ice skaters is perfectly meshed into a clever narrative enhanced by candy-colored artwork ripe with inside jokes. This one begs to be read, both over the river and through the woods.”
~ Booklist, STARRED review

“No skating on thin ice here–it’s a winner.”
~ Kirkus

“A wonderful winter-themed fractured fairy tale with so many clever details that kids will want to read again and again.”
~ School Library Journal

“In this entertaining mashup of age-old stories, Little Red Gliding Hood finds the perfect partner for the skating competition.”
~ Shelf Awareness

“An icy enchanted forest is home to a bevy of fairy tale characters, including Little Red Gliding Hood, an ice skater set on winning a new pair of skates in a skating competition. Lazar packs her story with fairy tale-based jokes as Little Red finds an ally in the Big Bad Wolf, who is also a capable skater. The competition gets off to a rocky start, but Little Red and the wolf emerge victorious. Cummings’s cartoons feel as slick as ice, creating a playful backdrop for Lazar’s wintry nursery rhyme punning.”
~ Publisher’s Weekly


Download the free “How to Write a Fractured Fairy Tale” guide (PDF).






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