One part busy-ness, two parts Bat Mitzvah planning, three parts illness and thirty parts procrastination has brought us to this day. Yes, I’ve FINALLY gotten around to selecting winners for the rest of the PiBoIdMo Prizes! Hallelujah! You can take down your PiBoIdMo tree now!

Before I present the winners, which I will do in three batches of 10 each to save my sanity, I want to talk a little about the webinar I presented to Julie Hedlund’s 12 x 12 Challenge participants this week.

Julie made this gorgeous graphic of me with NO HAIR. (Yeah, thanks, Julie.)


Someone had asked how to wipe away self-doubt and/or not be paralyzed by it. My answer was pretty simple: don’t wipe it away completely. Every creative person should have a healthy dose of self-doubt. It comes with the territory. In fact, I’d be worried if you DIDN’T have any self-doubt. I mean, we all know THOSE TYPES who think EVERYTHING they create is liquid gold (including cheesy skillet dinners). Does anyone actually BELIEVE this person when they tout their newest manuscript? No, of course not. It could not be ALL THAT and a pouch of Velveeta. It probably, most certainly, needs work. And that’s the self-doubt you need to harbor: knowing when a story needs something else. Needs a word cut. Needs a new character. Needs more motivation. Better pacing. A surprising twist. A reason to turn the page. A reason to read again! And again!

So learn to live with that self-doubt. Don’t let it overtake you, but listen to your gut instinct, the nagging sensation that your writing can be improved…because it probably can.

OK, so now onto the prizes! Once again, winners were picked with the help of I will be contacting you via email shortly!

Day 1: Joan Holub Winner
REBECCA E. GUZINSKI (The Knights Before Christmas Book and Castle)

Day 2: Josh Funk Winners
PRIYA GOPAL (both receive a Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast SWAG set)

Day 3: Grace Lin Winner
SUSAN LATTA (Ling & Ting Together in All Weather)

Day 4: Marcie Wessels Winner
TANJA BAUERLE (Pirate’s Lullaby)

Day 5: David Michael Slater Winner
ERIN O’BRIEN (Skype or PB Critique, her choice)

Day 6: Tammi Sauer Winner

Day 7: Jessixa Bagley Winner
LORI MOZDZIERZ (Boats for Papa book & 30 Boats poster)

Day 8: Samantha Berger Winner

Day 9: Meredith Mundy Winner

Day 10: Janna Matthies Winner
KELLY VAVALA (Two is Enough)

Congratulations, everyone. Next 10 winners coming soon!