Let’s talk about text, baybee…
Let’s talk about you reading…
Let’s talk about all the word play & the rhyme schemes that could be…
Let’s talk about TEXT!


Photoshopping by Jason Kirschner

I was feelin’ very Salt-n-Pepa this morning as I salted and peppered my omelet. This little ditty would make an excellent segue into a discussion of picture book text, right?

OK, so you talked me into it! I’ll talk about text!

If you’re writing picture books, have some fun with the text, with the words you choose. Let them tumble over the tongue. Use alliteration, internal rhyme and challenging vocabulary. Yes, you can insert difficult words. Here is a list of surprising words that have appeared in my books and manuscripts:

  • formidable
  • highfalutin
  • desolation
  • flibbertigibbet
  • mayhem
  • exceptions
  • exceedingly
  • sluiced
  • schmutz (yes, schmutz!)

Don’t be afraid to sprinkle in more difficult words. There’s context to help the child (and parent/caregiver) figure it out, in the form of words and pictures.

But please note I said SPRINKLE–like salt and pepper, use them sparingly. Let them enhance, not overpower.

Now let’s move onto more PiBoIdMo Winners!

Day 11: Joe McGee Winner
 (Peanut Butter & Brains)

Day 12: Denise Fleming Winner

Day 13: Sarvinder Naberhaus Winner
AMY HOUTS (Boom Boom)

Day 14: Julie Gribble Winner

Day 15: Carter Higgins Winner
ANNA LEVIN (picture book critique)

Day 16: Katya Szewzcuk Winner
POLLY RENNER ( “Kat” mug)

Day 17: Ryan Hipp Winner
HEIDI YATES (original sketch)

Day 18: Liza Woodruff Winner
CAROL JONES (Twelve Days of Christmas in New England)

Day 19: Ame Dyckman & Adam Lehrhaupt Winner
PATRICIA ALCARO  (books, critique and possibly lunch LOL)

Day 20: Carolyn Fisher Winner
DEBORAH ALLMAND (Skype session)

And bonus! I forgot to give away Tammi Sauer’s second prize, a picture book critique. That winner is:

I’ll be emailing y’all shortly! Congratulations!