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Not every book is meant for every reader, but try telling that to an author. We cringe at bad customer reviews of our titles. After years of hard work, it’s difficult to hear that someone dislikes your story. It’s even harder to swallow when your book gets a one-star review for glacier-speed delivery and schmutz on the cover. Yep, these days the old adage is truer than ever: “Everyone’s a critic.”

No one’s immune to the anonymous online rant. Not even Pappi’s Pizza Parlor.


(They had no problem swallowing that review.)

If you’ve spied Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets”, where celebrities read devastating Twitter exchanges about them, you know that these criticisms can be hilarious and even, I dare say, cathartic to read aloud.


So in the same spirit of poking fun at ourselves and our detractors, author Marc Tyler Nobleman collected videos of children’s authors reading bad reviews of their books. The first installment included three deliciously derogatory episodes. And now the next three episodes have been released, with a mightily attractive screen shot of yours truly gracing the “cover” of Episode 5.


Enjoy, and feel free to share your worst review below!

It’s as healthy for ya as a meatball sandwich.

No, that’s not an ostrich, it’s an EMU.

See, besides this crazy blog, I also belong to EMU’s Debuts, which is even nuttier because it’s run by debut kidlit authors repped by the Erin Murphy Literary Agency. (Get it? Erin MUrphy?) And we’re one bizarre bunch. (C’mon, we named our blog after an Australian flightless bird. It’s worse than vegemite, mate.)

We did something today that took a lot of NERVE for the release of Jeanne Ryan’s YA debut!

We’re playing “Truth or Dare”, video style!

Check it out because I make a complete fool of myself! 

(Which, ya know, is pretty easy to do.)

I call my video “Truth or Date”.

If you can, please leave a comment (I realize that’s difficult while making the cuckoo-sign) because we’re hoping to get more comments than ANOTHER BLOG who DARED us to this challenge!

I just got back from a FABULOUS 1st grade school visit! I was so excited about it that I immediately had to vlog.

While this isn’t my first vlog (that was for EMU’s Debuts), it is the debut vlog for this blog.

If you want to start doing school visits as a pre-published author, I explain the way to go about it. I think. *Warning: DO NOT APPEAR AS CRAZY AS I DO IN THIS VIDEO.*

Apologies for the ethereal lighting. I was sitting in my breakfast nook with the blinds opened. But I rather prefer the Cybill Shepherd “Moonlighting” look, don’t you, dahlings? (What, you don’t know what that means? Oh, you young whipper-snapper, go Google it.)

More apologies for the mirror writing. If I knew how to flip a video, I would. Anyone know? Help?!

And hey, wanna know more about my school visits? I’m going old-school with a CLICK HERE. (Really. Click there.)

And please remember to leave me a comment about what we should name “vlogs” instead of “vvlawwwgz”. It’s an ugly word for an exciting medium.

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