No, that’s not an ostrich, it’s an EMU.

See, besides this crazy blog, I also belong to EMU’s Debuts, which is even nuttier because it’s run by debut kidlit authors repped by the Erin Murphy Literary Agency. (Get it? Erin MUrphy?) And we’re one bizarre bunch. (C’mon, we named our blog after an Australian flightless bird. It’s worse than vegemite, mate.)

We did something today that took a lot of NERVE for the release of Jeanne Ryan’s YA debut!

We’re playing “Truth or Dare”, video style!

Check it out because I make a complete fool of myself! 

(Which, ya know, is pretty easy to do.)

I call my video “Truth or Date”.

If you can, please leave a comment (I realize that’s difficult while making the cuckoo-sign) because we’re hoping to get more comments than ANOTHER BLOG who DARED us to this challenge!