monstorefrontcoverI’ve been flipping a coin, trying to decide if I should post this. The coin rolled into my bathroom, spun beneath the toilet tank, and landed on tails, but I decided to post anyway.

THE MONSTORE has not been ordered by Barnes & Noble. And it’s supposed to hit shelves TOMORROW.

There. I’ve said it.

Barnes & Noble and Simon & Schuster continue their dispute over ebook pricing and in-store promotions, so the bookseller has cut back on orders from my publisher. Drastically.

I will say something else. It totally sucks. I don’t blame either party; it’s just business negotiations and it happens. BUT, we new authors are caught in the crosshairs. It ain’t fun. (See, it’s deteriorating my English!)


So…what does this mean for my debut book?

It means the savvy kidlit readers will still know my book. They’ll find it at their local indie. They’ll order it online. They’ll laugh. They’ll cry. They’ll say it’s much better than “Cats”. (Nod to SNL there.)

However, it means the general public might not know my book even exists. Sales may suffer. Hope of a sequel will grow dim. I’ve worked four long years to get this book into readers’ hands. FOUR YEARS. And now because of this dispute’s timing, well, I can’t say it. I can’t. It’s not nice. And I’m a nice girl.

So this means I need you, my blog readers, more than ever.

If you have enjoyed this blog, participated in PiBoIdMo, or just have a heart of gold, I ask if you can help me get the word out about THE MONSTORE. I would be forever grateful. Together, we can make up for some of the loss the book will suffer for not being in America’s only national book chain.

Some things you can do to help:

  • Blog about THE MONSTORE. (Many of you already are. I’m so appreciative.)
  • Order it from places that already have it: IndieBoundAmazon,
  • Call my local indie, The Bookworm, and order a signed copy to be shipped to you: 908-766-4599
  • Visit/call your local B&N and ask them to order the book for in-store pick-up.
  • Visit/call your local indie and ask them to order the book. They may already have it!
  • Review THE MONSTORE on any book site.
  • Mark it “want to read” on GoodReads.
  • Let your local librarian(s) know about the book. THE MONSTORE’s ISBN: 9781442420175.
  • Set your Facebook cover/banner to this image (click for full-size, then right-click to save):


But I’m also open to your ideas. Heck, I NEED your ideas. So hit me with them.