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According to three judges appointed by the NY Times—Robert Sabuda (illustrator & pop-up genius), Elizabeth Bird (NYC librarian, author & Fuse #8 blogger) and David Barringer (novelist & designer)—these are the top 10 illustrated picture books of 2010.

After reviewing these titles, there is little doubt that the finest illustrative work in the world appears in children’s literature.

Congratulations to the illustrators! Erin E. Stead, Sophie Blackall, Tony Fucile, R. C. Roth, Peter Brown, Peter McCarty, Red Nose Studio, Blexbolex, Suzy Lee and Christoph Niemann.

twitterbirdA few weeks ago, YA author Mitali Perkins put together a list of young adult authors on Twitter.

In the same spirit of connecting children’s authors with fans and other publishing professionals, here’s a list of published picture book authors and illustrators who maintain a Twitter presence. Also included are debut authors with books due for release in the coming year or two.

UPDATE AUGUST 2013: It’s been eons since I’ve updated this list, but I see it’s been referenced online in several places and has become a popular resource. Unfortunately, I can no longer take the time to update this list–there are just too many changes to keep up with. But if you want to be included, simply add a comment with your Twitter handle and you’ll be seen there. Thank you!

Enjoy! Make new connections; discover talented people!

  1. Bonnie Adamson @BonnieAdamson
  2. Laurie Halse Anderson @HalseAnderson
  3. Boni Ashburn @BoniAshburn
  4. Carin Berger @CarinBerger
  5. Phil Bildner @PhilBildner
  6. Deborah Blumenthal @DeborahBlu
  7. Susan Taylor Brown @Susanwrites
  8. James Burks @JamesBurksArt
  9. Heather Ayris Burnell @HeatherAyris
  10. Clay Carmichael @ClayCarmichael
  11. Tara Larsen Chang @TLCillustration
  12. Susan Chodakiewitz @SusanChodak
  13. Rob Christianson @RobChristianson
  14. Peggy Collins @PeggysBooks
  15. Susan Crites @SusanCrites
  16. Kristy Dempsey @KristyDempsey
  17. Sarah Dillard @SWDillard
  18. Brandi Dougherty @BrandiDougherty
  19. Elizabeth Dulemba @Dulemba
  20. Ame Dyckman @AmeDyckman
  21. Wendy Edelson @WendyEdelson
  22. Carol Gordon Ekster @CEkster
  23. Claudia Golden @Claudiamm37 (Account deleted)
  24. Gus Gordon @IllustratorGus
  25. Jean Fischer @JeanFischer1
  26. Kakie Fitzsimmons @KakieF
  27. Alison Ashley Formento @AFormento
  28. Roz Fulcher @Rozzieland
  29. Neil Gaiman @NeilHimself
  30. K.L. Going @KLGoing
  31. Lorie Ann Grover @LorieAnnGrover
  32. Diane Dawson Hearn @DDHearn
  33. Anette Heiberg @AnetteHeiberg
  34. Leeza Hernandez @leezaworks
  35. Ryan Hipp @HippHop
  36. Lisa Horstman @LisaHorstman
  37. Oliver Jeffers @OliverJeffers
  38. Ward Jenkins @wardomatic
  39. Dani Jones @danidraws
  40. Cathy June @CathyJuneArt
  41. Michelle Knudsen @MichelleKnudsen
  42. Kara LaReau @KaraLaReau
  43. Tara Lazar (me!) @taralazar
  44. John Lechner @JohnLechner
  45. Kelly Light @KellyLight
  46. Grace Lin @pacylin
  47. Wendy Martin @wendymartinart
  48. Anne Mazer @AnneMazer
  49. Rich McCoy @McCoyDigital
  50. Kate Messner @KateMessner
  51. Jennifer L. Meyer @JenniferLMeyer
  52. Jamie Michalak @JamieMichalak
  53. Amy Moreno @EarthenVessel
  54. Cyn Narsisi @CynDraws
  55. Jeannine Norris @JeannineNorris
  56. Neil Numberman @NeilNumberman
  57. Dianne Ochiltree @WriterDi
  58. Eric Orchard @EricOrchard
  59. Alicia Padrón @AliciaPadrón
  60. Todd Parr @ToddParr
  61. The Pigeon @The_Pigeon
  62. Jamie Pogue @JamiePogue
  63. Jean Reidy @JeanReidy
  64. Peter H. Reynolds @PeterHReynolds
  65. Jacqui Robbins @JacquiRobbins
  66. Shelly L. Rogers @KidsIllustrator
  67. Candace Ryan @CandaceRyan
  68. Tammi Sauer @SauerTammi
  69. Niki Schoenfeldt @NikiofWare
  70. Corey Rosen Schwartz @CoreyPBNinja
  71. Jon Scieszka @GuysRead
  72. Diana Scimone @DianaScimone
  73. Cynthia Leitich Smith @CynLeitichSmith
  74. Kim Sponaugle @PictureKitchen
  75. Laurel Snyder @LaurelSnyder
  76. Ruth Spiro @RuthSpiro
  77. Patricia Storms @stormsy
  78. Susan Marie Swanson @Susan_Marie
  79. Don Tate @Devas_T
  80. Nikki Tate @WriterGrrrl
  81. Jennifer Therms @JenThermes
  82. Holly Thompson @HatBooks
  83. Renee Ting @ReneeAtShens
  84. Joyce Wan @wanart
  85. Kathy Weller @wellerwishes
  86. Leah Wiedemer @RoamingArtist
  87. Karma Wilson @KarmaWilson
  88. Paula Yoo @PaulaYoo
  89. Laura Zarrin @CreativeGirl
  90. Paul O. Zelinsky @PaulOZelinsky

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