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twitterbirdA few weeks ago, YA author Mitali Perkins put together a list of young adult authors on Twitter.

In the same spirit of connecting children’s authors with fans and other publishing professionals, here’s a list of published picture book authors and illustrators who maintain a Twitter presence. Also included are debut authors with books due for release in the coming year or two.

UPDATE AUGUST 2013: It’s been eons since I’ve updated this list, but I see it’s been referenced online in several places and has become a popular resource. Unfortunately, I can no longer take the time to update this list–there are just too many changes to keep up with. But if you want to be included, simply add a comment with your Twitter handle and you’ll be seen there. Thank you!

Enjoy! Make new connections; discover talented people!

  1. Bonnie Adamson @BonnieAdamson
  2. Laurie Halse Anderson @HalseAnderson
  3. Boni Ashburn @BoniAshburn
  4. Carin Berger @CarinBerger
  5. Phil Bildner @PhilBildner
  6. Deborah Blumenthal @DeborahBlu
  7. Susan Taylor Brown @Susanwrites
  8. James Burks @JamesBurksArt
  9. Heather Ayris Burnell @HeatherAyris
  10. Clay Carmichael @ClayCarmichael
  11. Tara Larsen Chang @TLCillustration
  12. Susan Chodakiewitz @SusanChodak
  13. Rob Christianson @RobChristianson
  14. Peggy Collins @PeggysBooks
  15. Susan Crites @SusanCrites
  16. Kristy Dempsey @KristyDempsey
  17. Sarah Dillard @SWDillard
  18. Brandi Dougherty @BrandiDougherty
  19. Elizabeth Dulemba @Dulemba
  20. Ame Dyckman @AmeDyckman
  21. Wendy Edelson @WendyEdelson
  22. Carol Gordon Ekster @CEkster
  23. Claudia Golden @Claudiamm37 (Account deleted)
  24. Gus Gordon @IllustratorGus
  25. Jean Fischer @JeanFischer1
  26. Kakie Fitzsimmons @KakieF
  27. Alison Ashley Formento @AFormento
  28. Roz Fulcher @Rozzieland
  29. Neil Gaiman @NeilHimself
  30. K.L. Going @KLGoing
  31. Lorie Ann Grover @LorieAnnGrover
  32. Diane Dawson Hearn @DDHearn
  33. Anette Heiberg @AnetteHeiberg
  34. Leeza Hernandez @leezaworks
  35. Ryan Hipp @HippHop
  36. Lisa Horstman @LisaHorstman
  37. Oliver Jeffers @OliverJeffers
  38. Ward Jenkins @wardomatic
  39. Dani Jones @danidraws
  40. Cathy June @CathyJuneArt
  41. Michelle Knudsen @MichelleKnudsen
  42. Kara LaReau @KaraLaReau
  43. Tara Lazar (me!) @taralazar
  44. John Lechner @JohnLechner
  45. Kelly Light @KellyLight
  46. Grace Lin @pacylin
  47. Wendy Martin @wendymartinart
  48. Anne Mazer @AnneMazer
  49. Rich McCoy @McCoyDigital
  50. Kate Messner @KateMessner
  51. Jennifer L. Meyer @JenniferLMeyer
  52. Jamie Michalak @JamieMichalak
  53. Amy Moreno @EarthenVessel
  54. Cyn Narsisi @CynDraws
  55. Jeannine Norris @JeannineNorris
  56. Neil Numberman @NeilNumberman
  57. Dianne Ochiltree @WriterDi
  58. Eric Orchard @EricOrchard
  59. Alicia Padrón @AliciaPadrón
  60. Todd Parr @ToddParr
  61. The Pigeon @The_Pigeon
  62. Jamie Pogue @JamiePogue
  63. Jean Reidy @JeanReidy
  64. Peter H. Reynolds @PeterHReynolds
  65. Jacqui Robbins @JacquiRobbins
  66. Shelly L. Rogers @KidsIllustrator
  67. Candace Ryan @CandaceRyan
  68. Tammi Sauer @SauerTammi
  69. Niki Schoenfeldt @NikiofWare
  70. Corey Rosen Schwartz @CoreyPBNinja
  71. Jon Scieszka @GuysRead
  72. Diana Scimone @DianaScimone
  73. Cynthia Leitich Smith @CynLeitichSmith
  74. Kim Sponaugle @PictureKitchen
  75. Laurel Snyder @LaurelSnyder
  76. Ruth Spiro @RuthSpiro
  77. Patricia Storms @stormsy
  78. Susan Marie Swanson @Susan_Marie
  79. Don Tate @Devas_T
  80. Nikki Tate @WriterGrrrl
  81. Jennifer Therms @JenThermes
  82. Holly Thompson @HatBooks
  83. Renee Ting @ReneeAtShens
  84. Joyce Wan @wanart
  85. Kathy Weller @wellerwishes
  86. Leah Wiedemer @RoamingArtist
  87. Karma Wilson @KarmaWilson
  88. Paula Yoo @PaulaYoo
  89. Laura Zarrin @CreativeGirl
  90. Paul O. Zelinsky @PaulOZelinsky

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