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You read that correctly: revisolutions. It’s an amalgam of resolution, revision and revolution! Yes! It’s a revolution, do you hear me? This year I am going to work harder than ever to earn that first book contract. Polish up my manuscripts until they shine like a spanking new pair of black patent-leathers! (Hopefully they won’t be as stiff.)

I’ll kick off 2009 by reflecting upon the successes of 2008. It was an amazing year. I finally decided to take my writing seriously and work towards making it my career. Some milestones (be careful, horn tooting to follow):

  • My adult flash fiction was published in four venues.
  • I won a contest from Smith Magazine and received a “Dishonorable Mention” from the annual Bulwer-Lytton fiction parody contest.
  • An agent requested one of my manuscripts after reading my first page. (Alas, it isn’t finished.)
  • A writing friend offered a referral to her agent. (Alas, for the same unfinished manuscript.)
  • I became the coordinator for my critique group.
  • I applied to the Rutgers One-on-One Mentoring Conference for the first time and got in!
  • I attended four NJ-SCBWI first-page events and received encouraging feedback at all four sessions.
  • I joined Verla Kay’s blueboard and learned an incredible amount of industry info from its members.
  • I received personal rejections! Ha!

And most importantly, I made a lot of new writing friends. If you’re reading this, you’re one of them!

What were your successes of 2008? And what are your New Year’s Revisolutions? Do you have an abandoned manuscript you want to complete? A daily word count to meet? Whatever it is, share it. So shall it be written, so shall it be done!

While writing for children is my passion, I occasionally dabble in short stories for adults.  Today my work appears in book form for the first time with the release of Six Sentences: Volume I.  Check it out:

Many thanks to my friend Robin Mizell, a brilliant, insightful editor who helped me to polish and select the stories for submission.


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