What a flibbertigibbet I am. I randomly selected the remaining Storystorm winners and announced them on the Facebook group (are you a member yet?), but it took me forever and a day to post them here.

Apologies. I am knee-deep in writing my WHIZBANG WORDBOOK for Sourcebooks Jabberwocky. It’s an alternate reality, selling a book on proposal and THEN having to write it. Not the picture book author’s bailiwick. But I am cock-a-hoop over the whole thing, all atingle.

There comes a moment in my school presentations when the kids want me to stop being a blatherskite and read the book already. This is that moment…

Winner of Chana Stiefel’s DADDY DEPOT
Hélène Sabourin

Winner of Julie McGann’s WALL CALENDAR
Vivian LB

Winner of Colby Sharp’s Prize, Deborah Freedman’s SHY
Sheri Jones Rivers

Winner of Marcie Colleen’s SUPER HAPPY PARTY BEARS
Christine Irvin

Winner of Jason Kirschner’s MR. PARTICULAR
Vivian Kirkfield

Winners of Brenda Reeves Sturgis’s STILL A FAMILY
Mavis Penney
Carrie Pearson
Shanah Salter

Winner of Laurie Ann Thompson’s BE A CHANGEMAKER
Kathy Halsey

Winner of Veronica Bartles’s THE PRINCESS & THE FROGS Prize Pack
Joana Pastro

Winner of Ross MacDonald and Tara Lazar’s 7 ATE 9: THE UNTOLD STORY
Sylvia Mary Grech

Winner of Corey Rosen Schwartz’s HENSEL & GRETEL: NINJA CHICKS
Nancy Rimar

Winner of S.britt and Tara Lazar’s NORMAL NORMAN
Kerrie Turcic

Winner of Adam Grant’s ORIGINALS
Helen Latos

Winner of Debbie Ridpath Ohi’s Found Object Art
Donna L Martin

Winner of Jill Esbaum’s Critique
Megan E. McDonald

Winner of Rebecca E. Hirsch’s BIRDS VS. BLADES or PLANTS CAN’T SIT STILL
Dow Phumiruk

Winner of Ruth Spiro’s BABY LOVES SCIENCE Books
Joan Swanson

Winner of Liz Garton Scanlon and Audrey Vernick’s BOB, NOT BOB
Celeste’s Book Blog

Winner of Dr. Carrie Barron’s THE CREATIVITY CURE
Deb Beauchamp

Congratulations to everyone!

I hope you are busily transforming your best ideas into fabulous stories.

Why don’t you let everyone know how you’re doing in the comments?