Lauri Meyersby Lauri Meyers

I’m totes ready for PiBoIdMo. I’ve got my notebook, my combo pen/highlighter, and a jumbo bag of turbo boost coffee. But has anyone seen my muse?

Perhaps buying her a Cloak of Invisibility for Halloween wasn’t very smart, but I couldn’t resist. (She’s such a Potterhead.) I’m sure she’s doing super important invisible things, like reading subversive picture books or gorging on the trick or treat Snickers or playing Candy Crush in the bathroom.

Luckily, I’ve got a handy flowchart to help me summon my muse.


Click to view full size.

Hey! Here’s my muse! If there’s one thing she loves more than a Weasley, it’s rainbow flatulence.

You’ll have no problem finding your muse during PiBovember, but in other months try these tricks (Meditate, Play, Build, Ideate, Pass Gas) which have been highlighted in amazing PiBo posts of the past.


Lauri Meyers is a children’s writer living part-time in New Jersey and part-time in the made-up world in her head. She enjoys making people laugh until milk squirts out of their nose holes. She is hoping an agent will fall in love with her picture book A HOLE IS MORE THAN A HOLE which she dug out from a PiBo 2013 idea. Julie Rowan-Zoch, who illustrated How to Summon Your Muse, is the illustrator of the YOU’RE HERE! board book series.


Lauri is giving away a PiBoIdMo Coffee Mug to fill with your own turbo coffee.


Leave oneΒ comment to enter. One winner will be randomly selected at the conclusion of Pre-PiBo.

Good luck!