OK, time’s up! Do you have 30 new picture book ideas? You do? Excellent! Time to take the PiBoIdMo pledge to qualify for one of our winny-Kinney prizes! (Sorry, there are no Jeff Kinney books to give away. I just felt like rhyming. I know, I shouldn’t rhyme.)

I do solemnly swear that I have faithfully executed
the PiBoIdMo 30-ideas-in-30-days challenge, and will,
to the best of my ability, parlay my ideas into picture book manuscripts.

Now I’m not saying all 30 ideas have to be good. Some may just be titles, some may be character quirks. Some may be problems and some may create problems when you sit down to write. Some may be high-concept and some barely a concept. But…they’re yours, all yours!

You have until December 3rd at 11:59:59PM EST to sign the pledge by leaving a comment on this post. Remember, this is an honor system pledge.You don’t have to send in your ideas to prove you’ve got 30 of them. If you say so, I’ll believe you! (But for the record, I have no interest in purchasing a bridge at this time.)

Those whose name appears on both the kick-off post AND the pledge will be entered into the grand prize drawing: feedback on your best 5 ideas by a literary agent. There are three grand prizes! Thanks to Ammi-Joan Paquette of Erin Murphy Literary Agency, Kelly Sonnack of Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc., and Joanna Volpe of Nancy Coffey Literary and Media Representation for volunteering their time and talent to PiBoIdMo.

Other prizes include signed picture books, manuscript critiques, jewelry and greeting cards. All winners will be randomly selected and announced on December 4th. And from now until the 4th, more guest bloggers will inspire you to develop your manuscripts.

But lucky you, you get your first prize now! This winner badge for your blog designed by James Burks:

So what are you waiting for? Start signing…

…and start writing! Thousands of children are depending on you!