Mirror Book by Heidi Swapp

Dear Vanity Press,

Your website stinks.

I can find more books on an archeology dig than on your site.

Your home page caters to would-be authors instead of book buyers.

Listen, I know your business model depends on signing authors rather than selling books, but at least give book selling a try. I’m sure you have some talented authors. Unfortunately, you make buying books a bothersome activity.

For instance, why do you distribute a press release without a direct link to the book you’re announcing?

Why is the search on your home page broken? I entered the exact title but got:

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Learn more about self-publishing by requesting a free publishing guide.

Thanks, but I’m interested in buying a book. You know, those papery, bound things you publish?

And when I do finally locate the book’s page, why is the excerpt always blank?

Do you think someone is going to buy a $31.99 children’s picture book without browsing a few pages first?

I’m here to tell you: no. Frankly, I don’t know any parent who would spend $32 on a picture book. Even Robert Sabuda’s gorgeous feats of pop-up acrobatics cost less.

I would like to support self-published authors, really I would. But you’re making it impossible.

A Book Lover