Cynthea Liu’s book title contest finalists were just announced!  Go check out the winning entries and vote for your favorite.

I like Jade in China best for several reasons:

  • It plays on the phrase “Made in China,” where the main character Jade was born.
  • Jade is an ancient chinese artifact, fitting in with the character’s subject of study—anthropology and archeology.
  • Jade is prized in Chinese culture, giving the adopted character’s name meaning.  Parents of adopted children often want to bestow a name that pays hommage to their child’s home country.
  • Jade represents beauty, grace and purity in Chinese culture.

I’m biased, though, because that was one of my entries.  I suppose a decade of writing press release titles finally paid off. 

I’m curious to see what you think.  The Orient Success and Girls Just Wanna Have Feng Shui were my two other finalist suggestions.  If you think that last one is funny, check out some of the hilarious titles that Cynthea posted for your reading pleasure.