Hi! This is where I’ll be providing more information about PiBoIdMo Junior for schools.

While PiBoIdMo is held every November for authors, PiBoIdMo Jr. can be presented any time of year to students.

PiBoIdMo Junior has two parts:

  • idea brainstorming and
  • story structure.

The goal of PiBoIdMo Jr. is simple–to demystify the writing process for students by showing them brainstorming tips and techniques used by published authors. Kids who get excited about writing get excited about reading!


I can present PiBoIdMo Jr. in person, via Skype…or you can download these PDF sheets to try it yourself!

Reach me at tarakidlit (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions.

Thank you for your interest!

PiBoIdMo Jr. Testimonial:
“Our grade 8 class had the joy of having Tara present a session on brainstorming. Tara’s session was engaging, funny and interactive. Our students readily began creating and building their own children’s story with the activities that Tara had provided. As a teacher, I was so impressed with the amount of student’s sharing their ideas and story writing after our session with Tara. We appreciated Tara’s unique perspective and approach to writing. We are very much looking forward to our 2nd session on story structure.”
Julie Symonds
Learning Partner, UCDSB