by Samantha Berger

Did I just name this post with a whole bunch of poop and potty puns?

Yes. Yes, I did.

And it’s not just because my latest book is called THE GREAT BIG POOP PARTY!

It’s because ideas, inspiration, and freedom need to…you know…move and flow freely!

Just like certain (…ahem…) other things.

So let’s get right into it.


(poop puns, again)

So…get a load of this:

10. Go play.
Build a sandcastle, bust out the Legos, doodle all over a cardboard box. Play with no stakes, no intended audience, and with nothing precious. Just PLAY. You wanna tell stories and connect with kids – go play like one. Pronto!

9. Make a list of words you love: hassenpfeffer, canoodle, gallop!
Jam out a list of words and rediscover your love of language. Cue the heavenly choir and behold…LANGUAGE!

8. Give yourself a short, fun warmup to do every day.
Again, pick one that’s FUN and not a pain in the butt, and hold yourself to it. Make up a new nail polish color name. Give yourself a new pseudonym: Samantha Berger aka Samdemic, aka Bergé, aka Bergermeister MeisterBerger aka The Impossible Berger, etc. Write a daily Postcard from the Pandemic: “Well, this still sucks. xox, me.” Whatever! Nothing stinks more than having to write something you dread. So write something you LOVE and you’ll be inspired to do it.

7. Shift your perspective. I mean literally. Find a way to look at the room like you never have before. This perspecto-shift does something GOOD to your brain.

6. Pick an inanimate object in your home, personify it, and write a paragraph from its point of view.

5. Pretend there is a five-year-old in the room, and tell them a story.

4. Think about one incident that happened when you were a kid, that helped inform who you are today. Write that down.

3. Pick one song you LOVE to sing, and sing it reeeeeally loudly.
This literally opens up your VOICE and opening your voice, gets you open to your VOICE! Duh.

2. Make up a reeeeeally dramatic telenovela about the squirrels and pigeons you see every day.

1. And the number one way to tap ideas and stay inspired is…

Truthbomb: your Inner Editor is a total bummer.

They second-guess every choice you make, always wondering if things could be better, or if you’re choosing the right word, action, character.

They thoroughly impede the whole storytelling flow, leaving you creatively constipated.

Soooo (and I cannot stress this enough) don’t bring them to your Storystorm Party.

Park them in a corner, lock them in a box, send them out for pizza—whatever it takes to keep them away, so you can let your freak flag fly.

You’re going to have your BEST brainstorms, ideajams, and breakthroughs without them. I promise.

They can always come in later with their red pens and harsh judgements, but not now!

I hope this list helps the ideas flow, helps you GO, and brings you LOADS of brand new ideas. I hope it was engrossing, but you know, not enGROSSing.

I want to thank the beyond kind Tara Lazar, as always, for having me guestblurt, and for doing this entire thing SO generously to help raise funds for Blessings in a Backpack (which helps feed children so profoundly in need). Tara is an angel with a kicktuchas sense of humor—ideal combo. I am also thrilled to give away a signed copy of my latest book THE GREAT BIG POOP PARTY—because if ever there was a time to (ahem) let it out and (ahem) release your inner genius and (ahem) stay regular(ly) writing—it is NOW!

May you have buttloads of brilliant ideas.

All my Bergerly best wishes,

Samantha is the award-winning author of over 85 books for young readers, including Crankenstein (illustrated by Dan Santat), What If…(illustrated by Mike Curato) and Rock What Ya Got (illustrated by Kerascoët). She is also a 3-time Emmy-nominated television writer, and just wrote The Sesame Street Podcast with Foley & Friends. Samantha lives in sunny Santa Monica with her dog Polly Pocket.

Visit her online at, Twitter @Bergerbooks, Instagram @samanthabergerauthor and Facebook Fans of Samantha Berger.

You read it above, Samantha is giving away a copy of THE GREAT BIG POOP PARTY!

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These are such awesome ideas . I cannot wait to get started. Thank you so much!

Great tips and love myself some toilet humour!

Great tips and love myself some toilet humour!

Great ideas! I do #10 regularly, and I’ll have to try some of the others.

Love 💘love 💘love!!! Great ideas for grabbing that inner child and getting excited to write!!!

Love these lists of suggestions to get idea juices flowing. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for sharing your ideas!
I have so many ideas now I cant figure out which idea to start with! Its always something. Haha

Omg this post was exactly what I needed to read today 😂😂😂 thank you!

Never stop learning. Never stop playing — except for maybe with your poop. Joke about it instead. You gave us quite the roll of assistance with this post. Thank you and remember to wipe, flush, and wash.

Wow! So many great idea generating strategies! What I love the most is when just reading these posts sparks something. Got an idea already (thanks to #3)!

Obviously #2, Make up a reeeeeally dramatic telenovela about the squirrels and pigeons you see every day, spoke to my soul.

A great post to start my day! Thank you.

I had such a great idea while reading your post thank you so much Samantha! Now I have to go out there and do a little bit of research!!!

These are such FUN idea generators! And there are so many of them! Thank you, Samanatha!

What a delightfully fun post, Samantha!

My inner editor is right there-telling me what won’t work. Love the idea of not letting her in
Thanks for sharing your ideas! I also like to listen to young children and get. Ideas from them

There are some great ideas in here! And all of this inspiration helps with illustration too!

Thanks for another reminder to embrace my inner child.

Samantha your repootation went up a notch . I’m going to take a photo of your suggestions and slap it to my mirror..wait that will mean my laptop will be in the bathroom all day. Well, hmmm it can have a Poop Party. Yay. This is fun..and hilarious and papery. I’m on a roll…wait………

Oh my Goodness Bergermeister! Love this post! And for all us parents who used to do “potty reports” or the daily song and dance to get little ones in to their “flow” – I appreciate the metaphors and am loving the laughs and personal “flow” this AM. Thank you!!!

I’m definitely not feeling blocked now! Love your daily warmup examples.

Thank you, Samantha, for the energetic presentation of your ideas and suggestions. I don’t think anyone can read that post without feeling fired up and ready to go!

Hahahahaha! Your post is like a…stool softener for ideas? Oh dear. Loved it.

Wow! What a total load of… Amazingness!! Thank you for a great big pile of inspiration this morning!!

Thanks Samantha for the “pile” of suggestions!

A party with you sounds fun. Thanks for the motivation and tips to coordinate my own Storystorm party!

love all the suggestions…my inner editor is always hovering! I will make a conscious effort to swat him away when he pops into my head 🙂

There’s not a more exciting, explosive, expletive, excremental, exhilarating, echoed expression for our Littles than Poop!

Starting my day with a Great Big Poop Party! 💩 Thank you Samantha for getting us going. Can’t wait to your launch party giveaways!

Great ideas to get me going…thanks!

Fabulous post, Samantha! I’m going to have fun with n. 8 today!

This post is EXPLODING with ways to get creative, and I love it! 😉

Samantha, I laughed out loud reading your post … until I got to serious part about the inner critic. Then I (sorry, not sorry) made the train leave the station. 😂💡⭐️ I’m ready again to Storystorm for ideas.

Haha! Great suggestions, Samantha. Thank you! Congratulations on your new book!

Keep those ideas running

This was terrific advice! Although I am completely WIPED OUT from the week, I cannot wait to see how it FLUSHES out in the END! Thank you!!

I have IBS so I know a thing or two about big poo parties already. My 4-year-old has a good sense of potty humour too – we need this book.

Thank you Samantha, Love the Flow of your ideas!

Such a fun post! I like your suggestions for sending out your inner editor. Thanks!
Gail Hartman

So many great ideas! Great post Samantha! Your dog is named Polly Pocket?! Too funny:)

Thanks for providing these funtastic ideas.

I love #10! As adults I don’t think we put aside enough time to do this!


Ah…. potty humor… perfect for a children’s author.

Well, it was a little gross, but SOLID advice to follow as we SQUEEZE into the new year of writing. Thanks, Samantha, for helping start my day with a laugh. And a list. And a LOAD of playful ideas.

What a fun post and such great ideas!

Woot, Samantha, I’m gonna let it out and scream & shout as I have fun writing. Flush that inner critic away.

So many great ideas! Thanks, Samantha!

Holy shit, I’d love to win a copy of your poop book.

What a great LOAD of suggestions! Thanks for PILING them on!

These exercises are amazing, thanks for dropping them here. Hehe. 🙂

These are great and very useful nuggets! Thanks, Samantha!

I’m going to try for a new perspective today. Thanks for the list of tips!

Buttloads of brilliant ideas… in a body of water bound for the ocean is a beautiful thing. Thank you Samantha.

Oh my gosh. Just the creativity boost I needed in my in-box this morning. I’m going old school and printing this one off for reference. Favorite word: kerfuffle. I’m giving myself 5 minutes right now to work on a story idea around it. Thank you so much!

Oops! I let out a… laugh! Thanks for the fun post!

In our family, we have a saying: “It all comes back to poop.” There will be an adult book about how it came to be some day. I appreciate your inspiration today. 🙂

Your sense of humor brightened my morning. Now to get moving….(tee hee)

Loved thinking about perspectives and jotted down two story ideas from exercise #6 giving inanimate objects a voice. Thank you Samantha!

Creatively constipated–ha, that’s me with a verbose inner editor! Love the doggo–did she give you the Poop Party idea?

These tips and energizers really get my morning off to a great start! I know it takes time to manage this kind of blog, but it’s deeply appreciated! Thank you.

Thanks for the post! Hope I win!

Thanks for the post. Hope I win!

This post was amazing. Loving all the wordplay and, of course, the practical storystorming tips! Thank you!!

This is awesome,Samantha. Reading your post is like having a friend enthusiastically encourage the writer to just get going in the most positive way. Thank you.

Thanks Samantha, great and fun list of ways to open to ideas: and your list just gave me my next story concept!

Thanks for more great inspiration Samantha. And Tara too of course. So many ideas are flowing…

Hilarious post! So great to start the day laughing! Thanks Samantha!!

Fab ideas to warm up the brain! Thank you. Also great title for your new book- congratulations! 🥳

I used to name my inner editor the shiny cockroach because I would see a problem glitter in the distance and then try to squash it for the rest of the time I was writing. 😭 if you guessed that it didn’t die you were right haha.

I’m guessing that either you have boys, grew up with brothers? Poop is always a favorite topic at my house ( ;
Anyhoo – this is a very inspiring post with lots of opportunities for ideas! Thank you!

Thanks for this post! Can’t wait to read about the poop party!

Fantastic post! Love this list of ideas!

I feel “flushed” with excitement as I think about trying these ideas!
Thank you for the inspiration!

What a great list of ideas!! Thank you so much!

Wow! So many inspiring ideas! Thank you and congrats on your success!

Thanks for the inner editor reminder as that voice is so strong that I almost didn’t leave a comment! Getting out of our own way is so important.

Fun! I love the idea of having an inanimate object tell its/a story. Great ideas!

Great list of fun ideas. Thank you. 🙂

Nice! Now I really want to write an epic drama about the pens and paper clips in my junk drawer…

Ha Ha! Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh…now I have a “pile” of ideas, Samantha:>

Thank you for the suggestions. Love the word play 🙂

Thanks for the great tips. Will try playing.

Love your list. Thanks so much!

I am so glad I found you and your helpful writing resource! Can’t wait to check out your book!

Oh, the puns! Oh, the wordplay! How fun! Thanks for 10 great tips for coming up with ideas — and the entertainment value :-). And yes, I’m all for singing a song you love reaaaaly loudly!

Thanks for the scoop — such a fun and inspiring post. I just had to share and spread some poop around! Wishing you the best of success with your book!

Be careful when you poo-poop the inner editor. Mom doesn’t have one and she writes a lot of crap. Then she freely thinks it’s good.

Love and licks,

I call my inner critic Mrs Doubtfire. I gave her the day off!

Success! You’ve motivated me to attack my writing with a funtastic mindset! Thank you 🙂

Thank you for all the helpful reminders, especially the one about leaving the inner editor at home. She is a party pooper!

Thanks for sharing! Your ideas are the stinky poo! 🤣

Some great ways to shake things up – thanks, Samantha!

Excellent top 10 list. Flushing that inner editor away for a bit!

Thank you for these tips! I’m off to play. 🙂

Thanks Samantha! Great tips. Your fun post had me laughing. 🤣 I particularly enjoyed when you said our inner editor leaves us creatively constipated. So true!!!!

I especially resonated with numbers 6 and 8. Can’t wait to try them out.

Wow! Thanks, Samantha! All my ideas thus far were echos of other ideas. Your post lead me to 3 shiny, new ideas.

Love the tips…especially number one…ha ha get it?!?!….but my inner editor is often loud and a hindrance. Perhaps learning to squash it is my goal this Storystorm so that I can really begin to write more freely.

Great suggestions to get things moving!

Such a cleansing post! You’ve really cleaned out my writing system to make room for some awsome ideas!

Oh Samantha, thank you! Great list of idea generating tips! Numero uno for me as well, is to is forget about that inner editor until later.

Wow this post gave me everything I needed today! Thanks Samantha!

Thanks for the great punny and funny post! I’m letting my inner poopstar out at this party.

All the poop puns crack me up! Thank you for all the “get it going” idea support. I will endeavor to produce something that comes out loud and proud!

Looking forward to letting loose and allowing things to flow. Time to have fun! Thanks!

Thanks for these great suggestions to get me to lighten up!

Fun ideas. I know I want to make writing fun again for me, instead of this I have to do in order to get published, etc.

Thank you, Samantha, for sharing your great writing inspirations.

It’s almost impossible not to include potty humor in my comment (urine the company of one who also loves puns), but I’m going to flush that out of my mind and get to work writing.

I love your suggestions, Samantha. You made them fun to read and fun to do! Thanks for the inspirational boost.

Thanks for the. morning laughs and good ideas. I can’t wait to read your poop book, Samantha!!

Such a fun entry, Samantha…..very inspired to let it all out, thanks to you 🙂

Thanks Samantha! Letting loose is definitely something on which I need to work, so thank you for the encouragement!

Thank you!
-Jenna feldman

Who doesn’t love a poop party. Great post. Thank you.

Going outside ASAP. Then writing a story from the perspective of the gigantic HotWheels Ultimate Garage sitting in my living room. Thanks!

I really liked this list. I came up with two story ideas from it — and a goal. Thanks!

Oh, this was so fun. And such awesome advice! Thank you!

Thank you Samantha 😊

Great ideas, thank you. I really needed this today, just the chance to let go (excuse the copy of the pun here!) and enjoy the process.

I love your sense of humor, Samantha, and got some great ideas from your list. Lists keep me regular:-)

You are so fun! My funny is definitely backed up, but I think your suggestions will help me open the shute and let it go (let it go!).

Thank you, Samantha, for brightening up my morning! I can’t wait to read “The Great Big Poop Party” to my class. We have read “Crankenstein” more times than I count over the last “Zoom” months!

Great ideas..writing is going to be much more fun this morning! Thanks!

Funny! Thanks for the advice!

Thank you for your laugh out loud, let go, potty talk infused post! Gonna go flush my inner critique editor (at least the one weighing down the fun)

Flushing that inner editor absolutley keeps a writer regular when it comes to ideas! Thanks for the the fibersous (fabulous) reminder!

Outstanding suggestions – thank you!

Thanks for the laugh and the inspiration!

This post will have me brainstorming for days! So many things to try. And so very punny (and funny).

Thank you!

Fun tips! Thanks Samantha and congratulations!

Fantastic list Samantha! Laughter is the best exercise!!

Blessing in a Backpack is a great program. It really goes to kids in need of food over the weekend. Our school program was sponsor by a grant. It takes a person to buy supplies; find suppliers willing to donate and get them donated, organized them into backpacks, and hand them out. Backpacks are returned to a bin on Monday located in the cafeteria. HIgh school students volunteer for service hours. AR Rice Depot was our best donator. As a school counselor, I loved this program.
The best advice for me today is as I leave my inner voice behind pretend and go play! Thanks, Rhonda

Thank you, Samantha! Great ideas to get things flowing. Lol! Congrats on your new book!

What a great list of idea generators. As soon as I’m done writing this comment, I’m brainstorming some of your suggestions. Thank you! T

Thank you for the great brainstorming suggestions!

Well, that was fun! Thanks for sharing the writing exercises to get us limbered up and rolling..

Oh Samantha! Your post and your book has inspired me. I submitted a story that contained an aspect of poop and the company told me that while I may think poo is funny; they do not! Thanks to you, I am ready to submit again!!

I love Samantha Berger! her books always make us laugh.


Thanks for the humorous start to the morning! Congrats on your new book 🙂

Well, you are fun, Samantha. With all the crap you’re unloading, have you considered writing the book on how to clean up since the toilet paper shortage?!?!?! Thank you for bringing out the “best” of us.

IMO, Most fun post award officially goes to you. Thanks for DROPPING these gems upon us! I’m off to… write.

This was fun to read! I love how you compare listening to your inner editor to being constipated. So accurate!!

I love your book, Crankenstein! Thanks for the fun blog to “get us going” this morning!

Yes leaving your inner editor out, in the beginning, is something I will remember.

What a great sense of humor and tips that are sure to ‘get things moving’ Thanks.

So many great ideas. I hope the words will flow gently when the writing begins.

I loved this! Very big pile of ideas to digest. 😉

Thanks for making me laugh! I appreciate all the great ideas to jump start my imagination.

My favorite tip was for me to let my inner child out. As a mom, I spend too much time on my To Do list and not enough time playing. Thank you!

This post had a lot of funny puns! I’d love to win your book! Thank you for all of the tips, Samantha!
-Maryna Doughty

That is one big load of ideas. I feel dumped on! (In the best way.)

LOL! Re-laxativing my brain to let the ideas flow. 🙂

Oodles of ways to canoodle ideas. Love this!

Thanks for starting my day with a laugh–and some great ideas!

Thank you for this. I need some humor this morning. I agree about the space. I am in the process of redoing my office so I enjoy being in there.


Boy, Berger, you are the bomb! What a post to post! To read daily! I love every word of your advice. Play! Toot. Play! Toot. Play! And toot some more. Really like the prompts, such variety! A thousand thanks. I totally concur about our terrific Tara. She’s the sunshine we all need.

OMG – Hilarious! Can’t wait to get a copy of Poop Party for my son, this is right up his alley!

Very inspoorational, lol! Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to read your book.

These tips are like my breakfast high fiber cereal-guaranteed to make me go (with loads of creative ideas 😉). Thank you Samantha!

Am putting my inner editor on the naughty step, for quite some time!!! Thank you for your list of writing inspirations – it’ll be great to go back to them time and again, to help boost those creative juices. Pooptastic!

Wow! Samantha, your enthusiasm flies off the page / computer screen. I almost had to stand back so as not to be knocked over by the flood. Thanks for starting my day with so much energy! Good ideas are coming, I can feel it.

What a hoot! You started off my day with a big grin and permission to play. Thanks!

I’m ready for today’s writing party, no editor invited! Things are bound to go smoothly!😉

This post had me smiling from start to finish! Thanks, Samantha! 🙂

Too funny! I love all of your suggestions and will be incorporating these ideas and tools into my daily writing routine. Thank you!

Samantha, you always have something fun to share. Love this. And now I shall try to come up with a fabulous new name for myself…susan-a-pan-whap-i-dan? Nah…

Oh such a great outlook, laughing all the way! Thank you for bringing your sense of humor and light into the world!

Locking my inner editor in a box! I am gonna remember that visual! Helpful and moving. Thank you!

Thank you for such a fun and inspiring post! I’ll be putting these ideas into action! 😀

“Send them out for pizza.” This one tickled me good. Your inner critic means well and want to help you out. But like that uptight party guest who wants to control the fun so the cops won’t come, they’re always trying to shut things down. So let ’em feel helpful instead by sending them out for party snacks.

In writing terms, maybe they’re the ones who make sure the power bar is on so your laptop stays charged and remembers to regularly back up your work. And reminds you to take breaks and eat something once in awhile. Useful things like that. That way they have a sense of control without busting things up.

Ah yes, I love so much about this post! List of favourite words. Yuss! Finding a literal new perspective on your space. Super! Daily silly warm ups. Love it! This post could be February’s challenge in a nutshell. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas with us.

Thanks, Samantha! Printing off this JumpStart list and putting in on my desk! Grateful for your humor and energy!

Totally fun — I made lists of words and also an incident from childhood. The incident could be a funny PB so I’m taking that one further… Thanks, Samantha!

I love, love, loved this upbeat zanny post. I’m happily getting my crazy on today with out of the box ideas. Thanks!!

Your post is like a laxative for my brain! !!! I’m already getting ideas!! Thank you!

Oh My Goodness! I love these ideas and love your sense of humor. I’m already trying them now!

This post is not only helpful and inspiring, it’s LOL-worthy. Looking forward to reading your book, Samantha. I’ve got two little ones who can’t get enough of the word “poop,” so it will be an instant classic at my house,

Thanks so much for the smiles and chuckles! Love your humour and your advice. Off to play now!

Holy crap! The ideas are pouring out of me!
Such inspiration!

Awesome ideas! Thank you both, Tara and Samantha, for helping us all on our writing journeys!

Such fun suggestions to get ideas flowing – thank you!

Great suggestions! And such a fun post as well. Thanks for the smiles and laughs. Got my day off to a great start 🙂

Lol. The birds and the squirrels can’t be trusted according to my pets.

Definitely in need of a perspective shift. Time to move to a new room in the house! Thank you for a hilarious post!

This is such a FUN, LIVELY, article, did I mention FUN! Thank you for the inspiration Samantha!

Thanks for the big load 🙂 of ideas! Enough for many, many ideas to come.

Thanks for sharing a fun post! Congrats on your book!

Thanks for my morning giggle! I think I’ll tell my inner critic to go for a good long walk and not come back until I say it’s time.

Thank you for all the suggestions! I look forward to trying them out.

Great advice, Samantha, especially about not inviting my inner editor. He’s a party pooper, for sure!

Every single one of your suggestions is a gem, but #6 gave me an idea that went right into the notebook. Love all the word play. A truly special “guestblurt.”

Samantha! I DO love bathroom humor. This is a fantastic list. Thanks so much for the pick-me-up and inspiration!

Great advice! Sometimes in our quest for ideas, it’s easy to forget that the most important thing is to just have some fun! And I love your new book. It is absolutely hysterical.

Thank you, Samantha, for the di-stinck-tive puns! Great way to start the day. And, of course, thanks for the great advice.

Long time fan, and this post is a great example of why I use your books
as mentor text. (Auto spell just tried to make that assmen, so apparently the inner workings have been infected with your pundemic vibes!)
Thanks for a great list of kicks-in-the-butt for daily regularity.

Dramatic telenovela about squirrels, haha. I have to try that one. Thanks for the great post!

HAHAHAHA — thanks for bringing many smiles this morning!

I love your writing! Thanks for sharing your great ideas for creativity!

You gave me a crap load of ideas! Yay! Thanks for a fun pick me up.

Thanks for sharing the great suggestions!

I love what you said about our inner editor! I will have to uninvite mine 😉😬

Terrific ideas thank you!

Thank you, Samantha. I lay down (creaking) on the bare floor for a new perspective. I saw a lot of dust and the underside of my cat’s chin. In any case, Inner Editor was not invited!

#7. Like when I’m lying on the floor for yoga and can see all the gross stuff and lost toys under the couch… Thanks for your post, Samantha!

I loved all of these ideas. Personifying an object gave me my idea for the day! Thank you!

Today, I danced on zoom with my kindergarten class for music and it was so fun! Thank you, Samantha for helping me remember to let the child out! We sang reeeeally loud too!

Thanks for making me smile this morning! Maybe I’ll add a potty humor idea to the list this year.

Thank you so much, Samantha! I love the list and am going to come up with a warm-up idea today. Super short and fun, of course! I look forward to reading The Great Big Poop Party! I can’t imagine what it’s about…

Thanks sweet potty-mouth! I feel relieved.

Haha, this tip — “Write a daily Postcard from the Pandemic: ‘Well, this still sucks. xox, me.'” — made me laugh out loud! These exercises are great. Thank you for the inspiration!

Way to go with having fun and playing around to come up with new ideas! Thank you!

Thanks so much!

I know so many kids that love things that are brown and sticky! Your book is going to be a big success!

Samantha, thank you for your gift 🎁 to us today…laughter and the 10 Tips to promote creativity.
What fun!

I needed this on a day when I have the t.v. off and not watching this awful political stuff. I would love to hang out with a totally fun author like this and not my inner critic and have some fun with puns and ideas. This writing process gets too serious for me and here come”the shoulds”– it should be fun and silly.I need to move to a totally free from criticism place or second guessing.

Well, let the poop hit the fan, I like these ideas for getting ideas! Especially the playing one! Silly makes you happy, and you did just that!

This was much needed, thanks so much for your ideas, Im so excited to use them!

I love all the concrete ideas in this post! And they’re soooo much fun. I can’t wait to try the telenovela one.

You know, we do need more PBs about squirrels.

Thank you for the great count-down of idea gatherers! One clicked immediately and reminded me of something I had started long ago and given up on….but I still love the idea. SO – back to the “writing board!” Thank you for the inspiration and permission to have FUN with writing!

Now I get it! Whenever I put ‘butt in chair’ I get clogged up…it’s that stinky inner editor interfering with my daily constitutional! Thank you, Samantha, for a hilarious post and wonderful top ten. Love the perspective and personification ones!

Samatha: Thank you for the ten tips to eliminate the party pooper and leave the red, edit pen behind.

Suzy Leopold

Permission to play? What could be better! And thank you for the reminder about that inner editor guy (it’s definitely a guy for me) – always lurking and ruining everything! I’m flushing him away this minute!

LOL! Awesome post and genius ideas, Samantha! LOL!

Great reminder about the “inner editor” who can certainly get in the way!

Samantha, you’re a genius! My inner editor has been sent out to pick flowers. As it’s winter in Toronto, they’ll be gone for awhile. 😉 Thank you for all your amazing suggestions. I can’t wait to read The Great Big Poop Party!

These ideas for ideas are great. ☺️ I inadvertently fell into the “daily warmup” by starting a daily photo diary on Facebook since the first day of lockdown. We’re now 300+ days into our pandemic experience and this practice has given me a creative outlet for stress and sparked my creativity in general. The discipline of writing daily, even just photo captions, has made a huge difference to me.

The inner editor is th biggest stifler to creativity. IT also gives us a false sense of completion or perfection. “It is done! I have edited it. It is perfect!” That makes it hard to come back to and polish it up, because you don’t want to screw up perfection.
I agree that when you just put your words down and let them settle, you can be more free to making the changes that deep down you know you need to and aren’t so blind to what others see (or not see) in your story.

Hilarious! I love your ideas!

Wow! Outstanding suggestions, each and every one! Thanks for recharging my idea generator Samantha and reminding me to ixnay the Inner Editor from my Storystorm party!

We may not be allowed to put Baby in the corner, but I called my Internal Critic a baby and put IT in the corner! So there’s that!! Great list of ideas!!!! Imma post this. lol

Thanks for the great tips, especially #6, 5, 2, 1… think I’ll practice the pizza tip on my husband too (!).

Loved your word play and all your ideas for PB ideas.

Love your brainstorming idea list! Thanks!!

Loads of fun ideas here! Thank you, Samantha!

Samantha! Good to read your post! Thanks for the tips! I do well with a big to do list!

Thanks for the brainstorming list. I can’t wait to uninvite my inner editor!


Time to play. Thanks for the invitation.

Your books are so fun! Thanks for sharing your tips.

Thank you for suggesting a read aloud to an imaginary 5 year old. Excellent! Peace, Alicia

Thank you, Samantha! I’m loving all of this inspiration!

After a long day in what has felt like a neverending pandemic, I really needed a writing post with a ton of poop puns. Thank you! (Also the brainstorming ideas are handy!)

Your ten ways are absolutely the BEST!!!!
I have written them down in my journal and I will use them everyday…thank you SO much! ❤️

This made me laugh and jot down a few ideas – thank you!

Fun ideas, thanks!

Thanks for the list of ideas! I especially like #s 8, 9, and 10 (though #2 seems most relevant to the topic). I feel the creativity coming on. Gotta go….

Loved reading every word! Thank you for the inspiration. Lots of great tips!🤗
Best regards

You are so fun! I love all your brainstorming ideas. Thanks for the inspiration, and congratulations on your book. I’m sure it’s the sh#t!

Actually playing?! That is a great idea. Rushing outside now (cuz when you gotta go, you gotta go!) to play in the snow.

It makes me laugh that you wrote a book about poop! Hahaha you are using that inner child!

Great tips for remembering that this writing gig is partly about releasing your inner child….or releasing the kraken (as my son likes to refer to certain things)…..

Great ideas – I can’t wait to do them all! Thanks

All great ideas and a fabulous reminder to pull out my list of super duper extra special words. Thanks Samantha!

Thanks so much, Sandemic! The squirrels at our house are a big source of entertainment for us, especially since we don’t have pets but we do have a lot of windows. Why didn’t I think of writing a telenovela about them earlier?!

I love and struggle with #10. It can be my New Year’s resolution. Your book looks so fun. Can’t wait to read it.

Hey Samantha! We are so on the same page. My last picture book was NO PARTY POOPERS and I would never invite a party-pooping inner critic to my party. You, however, are definitely invited. Thanks for the fun suggestions!

Thanks for dumping a major load of brain storming ideas, Samantha! Now to go and put them to use…what a fun and memorable post!

Great post and fun ideas for playing and sparking frolicking ideas. Those crazy inner critics are such party poopers! Love your ideas for ditching them. Thanks for the sparks today!

This really made me smile, and it inspired me to write down your ideas so I can re-build my very stale writing habits. Thanks!

Wow! That was a great list! Fun stuff! Ah, #10….what I call “head bullies.” No bullying allowed.

All great suggestions—thank you!

Hilarious! Thanks for sharing, Samantha!

Love this list of ideas! Cannot wait to try them out today! Thank you.

Your dumping your brains ideas were great! I bet your Poop book is very popular with kids! Thanks for all your tips.

Thanks for the laughs and list, Samantha. I adore all of your books and am grateful that you shared today’s post with us. My inner critic is bummed. But, I am so thrilled!!!!

I was smiling, laughing, and taking notes all at the same time. Thank you! Can’t wait to read your new book!

Love everything about this! Thanks for helping us release our inner geniuses, Samantha!

Your post was not only punny, but so full of great advice! Now it’s time to poop out some great ideas! Oops, I meant pop out some great ideas!

Thanks for sharing some great ideas to help get things moving 🙂

Well this was all a little amazing! So much fun! Thanks Samantha

I’m pooped just thinking about all the fun ways you’ve unloaded on us, Samantha. Thanks!!

I love your new book! When my son finally got potty trained, we threw him a poo poo party – complete with chocolate doughnut holes and football shaped cake (with laces removed for greater effect!).

Such a fun post and terrific ideas, thank you!

I loved all your ideas. I especially loved that you encourage us to explore our inner child. I collect antique dolls and their doll furniture as well as a doll house and miniature dolls and doll related toys. I feel it keeps me connected to the child I was as well as the child my mother was.

Love it! Always love a good poop story..have to get down to a kids level. Thank you for being amazing!

Thanks! Got an idea just from reading through your list- POOF!

Thanks for dumping all these great ideas!

Thanks for this fun post!

Well, holy crap! That was just a steaming pile of information. Instead of a TO DO list, it’s a DO DO list. After reading it, it reminded me of what one piece of toilet paper said to another…”I’m feeling really wiped.” 🙂

I love how your list of ideas opens up my brain (the other end)!


Such a plethora of writing inspiration. It really gets those ideas churning and onto the paper (poop humor). See you’ve got me doing it now. Many thanks.

I love that toilet humor transcends all age groups. Thanks Samantha!

Can’t waste time getting to the poop deck of the SS Eyerman writing ship. Thanks, what fun it was to read.

I love this dump of ideas 😁 Thank you!!

Great list. Yes, going to PLAY! Thanks for the post.

Your post was so funny and creative, thanks so much for sharing with us. Several of your ideas are things I haven’t tried, so this is very helpful. THANKS!

I saw your book on Twitter yesterday, Samantha, and immediately wanted to read it to my kids. And then here you were in my inbox today – serendipity!

You are so funny Samantha. Time for me to go poop away … 🙂

What a FUN friend you must be to play with! Such a fun post. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Now I’m off to create a fun AKA for myself!

Not even one of these ideas was a “stinker!” :0 Thanks for sharing your creativity, Samantha!

Important list, Thanks

Thanks for this fun post, Samantha! Your list already gave me 2 new ideas.

Thank you for the tips! I love your Crankenstein books!

Thanks Samantha. You’ve reminded me of something my son said the other day: ‘Tastebutts’… Hush inner editor – there’s a story in there somewhere. 🙂

My brother and sister-in-law would love me to death for giving this to my twin nieces! 🙂 Seriously, congrats on the book and thanks for the fun ways to let our creative juices get flowing. It’s been so hard for me to do this lately. New approaches are always welcomed. 🙂

Great ideas for inspiration! To write forkids, be a kid. Thank you!

OMG, you’re hilarious, Samantha! I loved your ideas and even more so, that you tied them into potty humor (boy mom, here). Thanks for sharing your wisdom and personality. You made me giggle and gave me a ton to work with!!

My son just turned 4 and the poop and potty jokes get him so hard these days. It’s like an instant giggle. Love the ideas and tips.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Thanks for this fun post. I’ve heard so much about the importance of play. I think I need to do more of that. Looking forward to reading your new book. I know my grandson would love it!

Love the ‘Inner Editor is a total bummer’ ~ perfect!

Thank you Samantha for your inspirational ideas, and that extra bit of advice about that evil inner edit that is never far away.

I love so many things on this list, and I’m doing my best to wipe away my inner editor during this, my first, StoryStorm. Thanks for the tips.

So I was talking to this Bat the other day and the ideas were just coming out of him like . . . . .

I love the idea of just write it and get it out on paper. Do not let that inner editor surface!! I let that happen way to often and second guess myself. Thanks for reminding me that we should just let it go!

Great ideas in your post! Thank you!

Just reading your tips already has me tapping the creative juices and filling up my kid writing cup! Thanks!

Thanks for these tips. Great way to get ideas!!

Lots of great ideas for freeing up the creative flow! Thanks, Samantha!

Thank you, Samantha! I would love to know more about what inspired you to write What If? It’s a beautiful book!

Fantastic advice, thank you Samantha. Now I need to go play.

Thanks for such a great load of playful prompts!

Feeling the bergerly inspirberation! Thank you Samantha for your top ten!

Big poop party, sounds all inclusive!! Your 10 tips are fab! Thank you

Poop is guaranteed to bring on the giggles.

Love love LOVE these suggestions….as I was reading about singing out loud my husband literally began singing along with Pandora (maybe I should mine his head for ideas too). Thanks.

I love so many of your suggestions…I’m off to sing my favorite song right now! Thanks for a great post, Samantha.

Love your sense of humor! Thanks for giving us ideas to unclog our creativity! 😉

So many fun ideas! I especially love exploring words—silly ones to make kids laugh. Thanks!

I share the same feeling that many times when I try to think of something to write about, I can’t think of anything. When I decide to take a break and do something else, that’s when I truly think of a really good writing idea. Thanks!

Thanks, Samantha. The know I’m hoping for a brain DUMP of ideas.

Hi Samantha! Thanks for all these great ideas. Congrats on your new book!

What a fun book & post, congrats! Thank you for the tips.

Agree 100%–that inner editor is a killer! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Yep. I need to bring back FUN! Thanks for the tips!

It’s unbelievable how as soon as I started reading the list, my brain automatically started to discard the ones that were too far from my comfort zone.

Then I read it all, I stopped and I thought: ok then, today, you will pick the ones you wanted to avoid in the first place…and let’s see what happens… I’ll do just that!!!Wish me luck! 🙂

Too fun!! Thanks for the great ideas!!

Great list! I always have to remember to do things simply for the joy of doing them.

I’d love to leave a clever comment butt I gotta go…play! 😉

I love creating word lists. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Thank you for the great list of tips!

Thank you, Samantha. Letting Story Storm play and flow freely!

Wow. Just WOW! This is such a great post! It makes me want to dance. And create. And write. Thanks soooooo much!!!

What a helpful list to get things flowing! 😉 Thanks, Samantha!

Samantha…thanks for bringing out my inner child. So much fun to pretend. Wonderful ideas.

Thank you for these great ideas, Samantha! So inspiring!

Thank you Samantha, You sparked several great ideas for me today. Woot, Woot, I’m way ahead on ideas now. Thanks.

These are SOOOO good. Excellent inspiration. Thank you Samantha and Tara!!

Hahah. Number 2 reminds me of my ongoing telenovela about a rooster that lives next to our house and all of his escapades. At one point, he had two ladies and one vanished recently. I think the current girlfriend did away with the other one. But how? I did hear a horrible screeching in the middle of the night one night. Hmmm.
There were three chicks that appeared a little while after that. Whose the real mama? Now there are only two. Did that baby find out about his real mama and go searching for her? Stay tuned … Haha. Thanks for all of the ideas, Samantha! Fun!

If only I could be as funny as you are Samantha! Gonna work on letting all the ideas out!

What a funny post! Thank you!

So many fun ideas to play with–thank you!!

Hi Samantha! My kids love Crankenstein (one of them IS Crankenstein). Thank you for sharing these tips and for that awesome note about creative constipation. Didn’t realize my inner editor was causing it!

Thanks for providing so many options. Loved the warm up and perspective shift, most.

This is a great post!

Love your fun ideas — you are quite innovative!

Great post great idea generator! Thanks for sharing your expertise.

Poop de doop. So here we go.

These puns were perfect for a day like today – thanks!

You really nailed not only the ideas, but who Tara is and what a gift she is to us all. Thank you!

Thanks for the fun ideas and inspiration. Who wouldn’t love permission to act like a kid? Looking forward to reading your poop book!

This!!! Such good advice, fun language, & hilarious phrases! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for the shot of energy–it was sorely needed today–and your list of ways to get things moving. They’re pooptastic!

SAMANTHA (AND YOUR DOG, POLLY POCKET, WHO LOOKS A BIT EMBARRASSED BY YOUR POST CONTENT; AND YET, IS STILL RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE, AS DOGS ALWAYS ARE! HE!): I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the INSPIRING list you SO KINDLY gave us. Usually there is just one or two suggestions on a list that sound like good ideas to try, but I’m EXCITED to try ALL of these! THANK YOU!!! PS: I LOVE your nod to the GREAT CLASSIC stop-motion “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” with your pseudonym of Bergermeister MeisterBerger. I’m voting for that one!!!

Thank you for the inspiration!

Er–this was a moving post.

Thanks for the inspiration to get the Butt in Gear and keep the ideas flowing, Samantha!

I am SO inspired!! Thank you, tons, Samantha!!

Thanks for the tips!

Ain’t no party like a Great Big Poop Party cuz a Great Big Poop Party don’t stop! (well, it does eventually, especially if there’s not enough fiber at the party.) Congrats, Samantha! And thanks for the “fresh” ideas. 😉

Thank you. I never looked at the thought process this way. Mos def will try.

Thanks so much for all of the 10 great ideas to use for brainstorming story ideas.

Love the list! Great things to remember!

Hilarious post! Congratulations on your book, sounds pooty funny. Thank you for your tips to getting me inspired with ideas. I plan on trying them out.

Great ideas. Yes, I will have to figure out how to ditch my inner editor. She’s always lurking nearby.

All the backyard’s a telenovela, and all the squirrels merely players. Thanks for the fun post and fun/funny ideas!

Thanks for giving us all the poop on buttstorming ideas!

Loved this hilarious post! Chock full of great ideas! 🙂

I love the idea of writing words that I love. Fun!

I love the idea of writing a list of words that I love. Fun!

What a fun list of ideas!

Wow, thanks for all these tips! 🙂 Jill Dana

I love the idea of writing a list of my favorite words. Fun!

I love the idea of making a list of my favorite words. Fun!

This is why I always write down my ideas from dreams-I figure there is nothing censoring them…

Ha, ha! Love it. Very fun post:)

Oh my goodness, your writing style is what I aspire to. Thanks for all of the suggestions! I am totally going to start personifying everything in my house & do some perspective shifting. Thanks for your post!

Love all your suggestions. Thanks for sharing.

I am putting that list somewhere to use. Such great advice.

Let the peristalsis of ideas flow! Thanks for the tips. =]

I love it! Those were all really great ideas, thanks for letting them out.

Bloop there goes an idea!

I love poop jokes! My inner 5 year old giggles.
Plus, I love all those great ideas for seeing things differently. It makes sense to change how you see things.


We love bathroom humor in this house, so I’ll definitely be checking out your book! Thanks for sharing such great writing tips 😁

Thank you!
Loved #6!

So many fun puns and great tips! Thank you, Samantha!

What a gastastic poo-st! (I’m clearly terrible at this!)

Winning Ms. Berger’s book would be the shit 😏

Such wonderful ideas thank you for sharing!

Done! Dumped! Flushed and ready!

Thanks! What a great sense of freedom and lack of inhibition. I needed that today.

I love the energy of this post (and some great tips for getting ideas to flow more easily!)

What a load… of helpful information! 😉 Crankenstein is a family favorite and I’m so grateful for every tidbit of advice.

Fun post, great graphics, and some ideas to get the gears turning! Thank you Samantha

The poop puns were just what I needed today! This top ten list is awesome, I need to hang it on my wall! Thank you for your post. 💜

Great list. Thanks!

Such a fun post! Thanks for dropping your wisdom on us.

These are fantastic ideas! Thank you so much!

Thanks for making me laugh today. 🙂

These are great ideas. We don’t play enough!

LOVE this post! Some really solid (ha!) ideas for generating creativity. This post gets kept in my “best writing advice” notebook.

I LOVE this! Thanks for sharing the absolute best side of craft.

Thanks so much for the tips! Lynn Street

So many great ideas. I started a phenology project this year. A morning practice of watching nature. It focuses my morning, allows me to be creative, and enhances my curiosity.

When I sit down to work on a story and my inner critic begins to chatter in my ear, I tell it to be quiet, it can’t fix what isn’t written. It really can’t improve on an idea that hasn’t made it from thought to paper. It will get its chance.

I think it likes that I throw it a scrap knowing a meaty bone is on the horizon.

Love your ideas. Wish this pandemic would go away so I can play with my grandkids. So much more fun than playing alone.

I am printing out this post. Its so right on, I need to remind myself to think this way, daily. I always have that voice in the back of my head, its time to make it go away. And your beautiful dog, mine have always been a part of my inspiration-a dog walk is wonderful, freeing time.

Thanks for helping us to get to the bottom of this, Samantha. Your post didn’t stink. 🙂

Great advice!

Number 9 is my favorite!

Samantha, you literally just lay the ground for 10 ideas! Yay 😀 GREAT post. I found it VERY “moving” 😉

Yes telling the inner Editor to shut up is soooo difficult. Thanks for the encouragement.

🤣 I have loved all of the blog post to date, but this one is my favorite! (Although, technically it should be #2 💩)

Telenovela–nice! I like the way that idea helps us access our inner over-the-topness!

I want to let it flowwww!

Thanks for the humorous ways to keep our ideas flowing regularly!!

These are amazing strategies! Thank you so much for sharing.

Thanks for the puns, the laughs, and the 10 ways to stimulate our imaginations. Your post is a BLAST.

Thanks for the list! 🙂

How Heaven sent is this post!!! After watching the chaos in DC all day, your ideas have totally rejuvenated me!! I am printing this and putting it in my happy place. THANK YOU

Thanks so much for your motivating ideas and ways to release my writing capabilities and give me new perspectives. Everything you wrote is very useful!!

You are hilariously fun and inspiring! Thanks for making me smile and get me “Sam” on!

I do #9 and #5 and I’ll try your other tips!

Does this blog have the most comments yet? Your theme is universal! And just last night my 8 year old demanded, “What Happens When You Flush?” Already written. But I want to read your book instead!

Thanks for piling it on thick with all the ideas!

Excellent tips! My inner grade-school self still finds words such as butt, poop, and underwear hilarious.

Thank you, Samantha. Don’t invite my inner critic! Such a wonderful helpful idea. Your prompts are being put in my folder…

Thank you for the laugh and for getting things flowing… 😉 xx

Too funny! Great tips! I’ll try to put these into regular practice:) smooooooth move hehe

Anna Levin

Writing is fun and so are you. Hmmn, I’m still in the process of picking at least one out of your lists. Thanks and Happy new year.

Great post, Samantha! I like your number 6 and 9 ideas the most. Releasing your inner creativity, not gas, is where it’s at. Thanks for this funny and helpful post!

Love this actionable list! Thanks, Samantha!!

Thanks, Samantha! I just wrote a list of my favorite words and low and behold a story idea magically appeared. Congrats on your big poop party! 🙂

Ooh, Samantha, I like #10 best. Go play. I just don’t do it enough. And, you know, if you have to work too hard at letting it go, it’s really no fun.

Thank you for the hysterical and wonderful list of ways to generate ideas!

What an explosively spectacular list! Thank you so much!!

Hilarious and insightful. Thanks for both the laughter and the tips.

Great tips! Off go to do #10! Thank you! And congrats on the new book. Love the title. 🙂

Thanks Samantha. You’re the perfect anti-Bergermeister Meisterburger!

Inspiring post. Lot’s of great ideas for getting the creative juices flowing.

Great ideas for getting the creative juices flowing.

Thank you for reminding me to have fun! It’s a need, but I never thought it’d pay off with a book idea. WAHOO!

Ha! Thank you for the advice!

Thanks for cutting through the poop and telling it like it is! 🙂 I’m a huge fan! Congrats on your latest and thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Samantha Berger you always make me laugh. THANK YOU! Sure needed that today. I love your tips and I am about to go play now.

Hilarious and makes total sense to get those ideas flowing! I might write a letter to my editor/critic/fear factor and let them know I’ll invite them to the next party. This one is a bit exclusive. 🙂

Thanks for the free-flowing inspiration! 😉😁

Best Poopin’ Post ever! Pun intended. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

hahahah love the suggestions, specially the last one! That Inner Editor always ends my party haahahah I mean, I have an idea, I start sketching and writing some… but the inner editor comes and makes me think: hmmm…dunno…maybe it’s not a good idea…
hahaha I will take your advice and send them out for pizza! hahahaha
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, Samantha! Loved your pun-filled post and the concrete creativity list. Already jotted down several ideas.

Thank you for all the great ideas. Your pun-filled post was great!

What a fun post! Thanks for all these great brainstorming, tips, Samantha!! 🙂

I love this list! Just what I need!

Thanks for this awesome list, Samantha. Ideas started sprouting while reading. And I’me having a blast singing SHOUT really loud!

Lots of great ideas! Thanks Samantha.

So much to work with here! Thank you Samantha.

Loved the instructions for a Storystorm party in which the inner critic is NOT INVITED!

Thanks for the fun play ideas!

Thanks for letting that out. Appreciate all your ideas for brainstorming!

Thank you for all the ideas and the cheerful energy!

Thanks Samantha! #11 is to read inspirational material like YOURS!

Lol! The Poop puns! Lol! Thanks for the great ideas!

Thanks for the poopload of ideas! I had to wrestle my inner Editor into the closet and place a chair under the doorknob just to write this comment! (She’s a tough character)

Poop, puns, take the runs, and go for fun…

Wow, your energy left me pooped!

This post was a gut buster! Thanks for all the fun!!

I love these ideas! Play is SO GOOD for your brain.

Love this! thank you.

Very funny post… and helpful too! Thanks!

Thanks so much for the hilarious post, and thanks even more for all the great ideas! My creative wheels are already churning–thank you!!!

This post is full of potty-humor and lots of good ideas. Especially number 2.
(I could see that one as a graphic novel.)

It’s a good habit to start with warm ups! Thanks

I love #9 and #6! I mean, I love all the suggestions, but those especially!

Oh my gosh- #8 & 9 are gonna be so fun! Have done the others before but these two- can’t wait! thank you!!

Thanks for the funny and informative post!

What a fabulous punny and inspirational post. I love this so much: “They thoroughly impede the whole storytelling flow, leaving you creatively constipated.”
I shall relieve myself of my critic and drop many ideas into my notebook.
(I couldn’t resist.)

I Love these ideas, especially a reminder to PLAY

Thanks so much for the inspiration! Great ideas, and love the emphasis on FUN! I’m such an overthinker and that can take all the joy out of writing. Boo. I don’t have a clue what your awesome looking and sounding book is about, and am going to have fun guessing various scenarios
before I read it!

Loved, “Nothing stinks more than having to write something you dread. So write something you LOVE and you’ll be inspired to do it.” So true! (And I bet your new book is truly laugh-out-loud funny!!)

So post was so fun and pooptastically zany!

So you are encouraging us to lighten up and have some fun writing? YESSS! You have provided LOADS of suggestions for awesome ways to DUMP our ideas onto paper. Thanks for the relief!

Haha, love it!

Yes to all your ideas!

Great tips Samantha! I tried Tip #7 this morning about when I swallowed a marble and well – you can probably guess the rest! Certainly brought a smile to my face!

Oh my gosh! This would be the most popular book in my house! I can see now! Thanks for all of your inspo!

This book would be a huge hit with our 4 year old granddaughter who is ALL about poop! So funny! I love your ideas. I think I am going to plan a day to lock the world out and the inner editor out and play! I want to try all your ideas. I think it’s just what I need to get free flowing ideas! Thank you for your ideas and for making me laugh! I really needed that.

I love that the spirit of all these suggestions is “Give yourself permission to be a kid again.” Thinking back to all those afternoons I spent wandering around outside at recess or on family trips, talking to myself and drifting through my own little world, I probably came up with dozens of picture book ideas without ever realizing it! Feed that child-like muse!

Thank you for the great suggestions to help keep us all going.

I LOVE these suggestions. I need to have my printer POOP out this page so I have it handy!

    Agh! My printer is plugged up. A little unclogging and some ink-a-dink-a-doo and it will be free to go! (Once you get me on a topic ….)

What a poop-a-li-cous post. I mean that from the bottom of my whole body. Thanks, Samantha.

Thanks for the gush of ideas.

I love this list of idea kickstarters! Thank you so much for encouraging us to play, Samantha!

LOL. This was so amazing. I enjoyed your list and it inspired to create more lists. Today, well, Day 6, I started my list of ideas of inanimate objects to personify! Thanks.

Ha! I love all your puns! Telling stories to my 6 year old is an excellent way to be silly and just let ideas flow without judgement. Can I keep him this age forever? 🙂

Thank you for your suggestions. I think I like 6 and 7 the best!

I love your list of suggestions. And especially the one about sending our internal editors out to pick up the pizza – that would give me 1 hour of editor-free party time! Maybe longer if she has to tromp through the snow to the car at the bottom of the hill…

I needed this lightened load today. I LOVE #6. And I look forward to using some of these suggestions soon.

Love your sense of humor! Thank you for the amazing creative exercises!

I love getting filled up with new brainstorming ideas. Like fiber they help the ideas flow and unclog you when constipated. Thanks for this.

Haha! Thanks, Samantha! 💩💩

I love your ideas, especially Go play. I’m going to have to get together with my granddaughter for a playdate. 🙂 We have done crafts together with her friends. They are around eight years old. Had a great time. I’ll have to do this regularly. I have lots of craft kits. This will give me an excuse to do them on my own, too.

Samantha, absolutely loved your blog post.
Such creative puns and good ideas to get the ideas flowing. My grandson will love your new book. What little boy doesn’t love potty humor…
Debbie Lodato

Wow! So many ways to get inspired. Thanks for sharing them all!

Thanks! Oh Inner Editor, Out With You! (for now.) Great reminder.

Such a fun post! And your book looks great! Thank you!

Love it, wonderful advice.

Samantha, I’m sure your book will be poopular with the kid set who love potty humor. I loved all the ways you used to get that potty into your post. Those are terrific rules and I’m going to try and use them. We all need more fun. Great post!

Thank you so much for the top ten! These are such great, creative, and easy ways to get ideas flowing. I am excited to try them all out! Thank you!
– Jen 🙂

I have said it before, when this whole Plague thing is over, Miss Berger, I am coming to NYC to play with you for a day, which will involve time at book stores, bakeries and the Lego store, where we can act out plays w/mini-figs. Tara? Anyone else? Play date? Need to look forward to stuff more. stay well. ✌🏼🌻

Samantha, thanks for the buttload of ideas and inspiration. A POOP PARTY sounds awesome. Good luck the that title.

Thank you for the great ideas! I am potty training my 3 year old, and can’t wait to get your books to add some humor and fun to this experience!

I thought back to childhood and poof! An idea. And another… and another. Thanks!

I like the idea of picking a word I like the sound of and running with it. Even simple words can trigger what I call giggle story shorts. For example, I’ve always wondered who coined the term booger and why he called that dry flaky thing in his nose a booger.
I have to tell you though, that the most poignant part of your post for me was the bit about my inner editor. I battle my inner editor even when I write a grocery list! If you ever find a way to completely tune your inner editor out, please share!

In the middle of reading this blog post, I decided to take a break and do my version of playing– for a draft I’m about to write about a bunch of cousins, I let myself have fun and come up with eleven sublime characters names. It was a blast, and it got the wheels turning and the words flowing, and now I have half a draft.

Now I’m back to finish out the other half of the blog post, and I’m so grateful my inner editor was nowhere to be seen the last hour. Maybe she’s cleaning the toilets. Anyway, thanks Samantha!

No butts about it, I really enjoyed your post Samantha! I flushed the editor out of my system for the day and I can’t wait to start toying with some new ideas. Cheers!

Some really useful suggestions here thanks Samantha!

Love your brainstorming tips Samantha! I’m going to try #6 today. Best wishes for your new book. Sounds very kid-friendly.

What a fun read this is!! Now I’m inspired to have fun too! Thank you!!

Freak flags flying high into the atmosphere! Love this writers life.

Super fun post and I love the ideas! Thank you.

Thank you so much for your wonderful, fun ideas. Going to try several of them now (but will wait until I’m alone to do the singing one because NOBODY deserves to hear that.)

Thanks Impossible Berger. Great post!!

Haha, I can attest that having a 5-year-old asking for a new on-the-spot story every night is one of the very best exercises for my writerly brain. “A story about a polk-a-dot blanket, mom!” Here you go, kid… (and he has high standards, too!). Thanks for sharing, Samantha, great tips all around!

My boys would LOVE this book!

Thanks for the chuckle and for the exercises. My daughter is currently obsessed with poop emojis. 🙂

Some great ideas here to get the creative juices flowing – thanks 🙂

This post was an absolute joy to read, thank you for your time and inspiration!

Great ideas, Samantha – thank you! I love your work!

Thank you for these great suggestions! I already have the LEGO, but will definitely try some of the others!

If I pretend to tell a story to a five years old child, could be totally different, because I change my voice adding music on the words; Great Idea! Thanks Samantha!. A 3 years old child will love your book for sure!

These are great ideas and I will certainly use them. I especially love playing with my grandsons, age 5 and 2. I get a lot of ideas from my time spent with them and, especially, our imaginative play. Also, I recently read The Nest That Wren Built by Randi Sonenshine and I was so impressed by her word choices that I made of list of all those words that I either had heard of before or that I seldom see in print or seldom use. This will definitely help me expand my language. Here’s some inanimate objects that I will write a paragraph about – cookie jar, Christmas tree, T.V., and piano. They have a lot to share.

A Great Big Poop Party sounds like lots of fun! I really enjoyed your post! Thank you and I love your work.😊

Tip #9 is my favorite! I will be making my own list based on my favorite tips from each post!

I loved all of the poop puns! And the great ideas to get things flowing… 🙂

Samantha, your post was funny and informative. I loved the last suggestion best, to kick your inner critic to the curb, temporarily. I’m going to try all nine of your other suggestions also. Terrific post! Oh, love the inapoopriate references to bodily functions.

Well wasn’t that the bomb! You can drop poop puns on me all you want. (Not sure what that says about me). I love idea number 5!

Love these ideas for letting things flow in 2021. I have sent my inner editor on a long space journey. Thank you, Samantha!

One immediate idea before I even wrote my comment. Thanks, Samantha!

Anything that is fun, I’m in. I cannot wait to play with my 5 year old granddaughter and make up words and practice all these great ideas! I am sure she would love your book too.

Samantha, I loved this. I have a major case of the Januarys so some poop humor is always in order. Thanks

Such a fun post. I am more of a literary writer but a few months ago I came up with an idea – for a funny story about poop – I mean even literary types like me enjoy poop stories. I didn’t write it because I did not think I was funny enough and because I didn’t think it lined up with my voice. But I will keep your first tip in mind – lock up my inner editor – and give it a try. Also, I’d LOVE to win your poop party book. Thanks!!!

Printing out this list and putting it in front of my desk. THANK YOU!

What a fun post, thanks for sharing it with us!

Thank you for the great ideas! I love the one about telling a story to a five year old!

I wrote # 9 list. But # 7 intrigues me greatly! And #6.perhaps #4 I never considered before. So today I have 3 prompts waiting for a rainy day or after the 31 days of storystorm. Thanks.

I know, I can do it, I know can do it! i know I can.

Love your list! Thanks for sharing.

Clever ideas, thanks.

This post had me laughing my butt off with all your poop and potty puns. Thanks for the reminder to keep it fun. If we’re not having fun, readers won’t either.

Thank you for your post! It was quite interesting. Love your book WHAT IF!

Love these fun ideas and your fun post :-).

love the idea for word lists and poopy humor is the best! Thanks

Your list inspires.

Lots of fun tips here. Thank you!

Thanks for the loads of tips. It stinks to think some will never read this.

A wonderful list!

Thanks for the suggestions. Now, to get to work!

Great post! Thank you!

Thanks for the great list!

PUNS! Thanks for ahem… dropping a load of them on us.

My inner editor is the WORST! Omg, love your book as I am a gastroenterology nurse practitioner and talk about poop all day long! LOL

Idea #6 is my favorite. Thanks for the list!

This is a terrific list! Thank you for the inspiration!

Thanks for the brainstorming ideas!

Thanks, Samantha! Banishing my inner editor in 3…2…1…

Oh man, your squirrel telenovela comment has me remembering this crazy rave the ducks had one spring night. The next morning I watched one lone duck wake up the next morning and look around like “Dude, where’s my car?” It was the best.

Thank you for your fun post. And your fun list of ideas. 🙂

Thank you for these writing prompts! And for the giggles.

Thanks for the 10 tips! and multiple poop chuckles 🙂

What a great set of instructions! Thanks so much! I have a new idea to add to my chart right now!

These are such great ideas–thank you! You make brainstorming easy!

This post made my day!…Butt loads of brilliant ideas-HA!

It is so hard to keep the inner editor at bay. I love your idea singing loudly and playing. Thank you for the post.

I laughed aloud reading this post! Thanks for brightening my day and inspiring me to (ahem) let it all out & flush that inner editor right down the toilet!

Hi Samantha- Ok, your poop puns are fabulous and your top 10 list it pretty awesome too! (And I am not just BUTTering you up!)

Thank you Samantha for all the freeing ideas! You are starting a ‘movement’, LOL!

POOP – there it is! A great list of ideas to get us going again. Thank you 🙂

Fun list–thanks so much!

Samantha, this post was awesome! Thank you!! #6 really opened up the floodgates for ideas for me; I’m still writing more down! Really insightful and fun, thank you!

Wonderful list of so many ways to approach new ideas! Thank you!

My favorites in your great list of ideas are listing my favorite words (snickerdoodle, flabbergasted…. ) and play (swinging high beneath my gigantic backyard tree and playing musical instruments both increase my creativity tremendously!).

The advice AND the puns! I am here for it!

Thank you for a really useful top ten :o)

I love the cover of your book!

I knew this would be a great post – the one and only Ms. Berger! Yay! And what a jackpot of ideas it is! Thanks so much for reminding us to not be so stuffy and hard on ourselves. Time to grow down and have some fun!

Such great advice! I love your list! Especially: “Think about one incident that happened when you were a kid, that helped inform who you are today. Write that down.” I’m going to do that today!

Thank you for the great invitation to just play and enjoy the process!

It’s hard to keep that inner editor at bay!

Great post! Thank you, Samantha, for so much inspiration!

As a person who has always made up words and loves silly rhymes at times, this post is great fun. Love the ideas you’ve shared for calling in inspiration and ignoring that ol’ inner editor. 🙂

As I shift my perspective, I’m sending my inner editor to get that pizza! Thanks for the great ideas.

What a great list! Some of these I already do, some of them I’m excited to try!

Hi Samantha! Your book sounds hilarious! My inner editor sometimes gets in the way when I begin writing. Thank you for the inspirational post!

Thanks for reminding me to have with writing!

Oh, this was such a fun post–I love puns!

I’m definitely going to have to keep a copy of this list. Thanks for the inspiration!

GREAT list, Samantha! Having fun letting it all go and flushing that inner critic down the toilet!

I can canoodle right up to the idea of a word list! Great tips – my mind is now racing. 🙂

Oh WOW, already a third of the way into your post, I thought of 5 new ideas. Most of them sprung off your #8 suggestion of a fun warmup — decided to think of new title ideas and voila! Thank you!!!

Super fun and popping new ideas — great tips for getting them to bubble out naturally. Thanks so much!

It begins with a word

LOVE the puns! Also, I may have taken a screenshot of all of these fantastic brainstorming ideas for future reference 😉

This is so great. Love all the puns. I think the inner editor is almost always my demise when it comes to being creative. Thanks for the top 10 list!

Thank you, Samantha!!! I LOVE your dog!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

Loved this list of ten ways to let those story ideas out. And I agree, don’t invite your inner editor to a StoryStorm party. Right now should be the time to brainstorm with wild abandon! Thanks for sharing your punny jokes and your insight!

Great ideas! Thank you, Samantha!

Samantha, In the time it took me to read your entire post, I DID write a BUTTLOAD of ideas! Idea-rrhea, even. (Did I take the poop jokes too far?)

Haha! This post gave me so much energy. I am ready to go!


Thank you Samantha!

I love that you gave us permission to go play! I miss being in the classroom with our spec Ed children because I had a chance to play every day with them!

Shifting perspectives, shifting gears. Thank you.

I will need to wrangle my inner critic/editor and tie it up for the next month!

Great, fun suggestions. I’m going to keep your list handy. Thank you

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