I wrote something funny to kick off this post, but then I realized it wasn’t that funny. I must have used up all my comedy on my latest manuscript. However, my friend said she thought it was hilarious that I still had pumpkins on the front porch. So there’s that. Pumpkin seeds roasting on an open fire…

Thank you for being patient while I draw the daily PiBoIdMo prize-winners. Here are the winners of the prizes given away during Pre-PiBoIdMo:

Pre-PiBo Day 1 Mary Uhles Winners:
DAYNE SISLEN (portfolio critique)
ANN MAGEE (The Little Kids’ Table)

Pre-PiBo Day 2 Laurie Wallmark Winner:
RACHEL SMOKA-RICHARDSON (Ada Byron Lovelace and the Thinking Machine)

Pre-PiBo Day 3 Diana Murray Winner:
VIVIAN KIRKFIELD (Ned The Knitting Pirate Tote and Grimelda F&G)

Pre-PiBo Day 5 Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen Winner:
DEBRA KATZ (online course from kidlitwritingschool.com)

Pre-PiBo Day 6 Mike Ciccotello Winner:
PAULINE TSO (original art)

Pre-PiBo Day 7 Dianne De Las Casas Winner:
SHERI RADOVICH (The House that Santa Built)

Let me clarify that Sheri did not win an actual house, but the book by Dianne.

Congratulations to all! I will be emailing you shortly to arrange delivery of your prize.

How were these lucky folks selected? I totaled the number of comments for each post and used random.org to pick a number within that range. The number corresponded to a comment based upon its order in the post. I matched the chosen number to the comment, then I checked that the commenter had both registered and completed the challenge. Lastly, I made sure they commented only once on the prize post. (I’ve rewritten this a dozen times to ensure it makes sense. I hope it does. My head is loopy…because NUMBERS.)

More prizes to come, of course, so stay tuned!