MelissaHeadShot-resized-150x225by Melissa Taylor

Reading is everything. Reading = learning. Most of us would do anything to get our kids loving to read.

Most of us just don’t know what to do.

I wrote BOOK LOVE: HELP YOUR CHILD GROW FROM RELUCTANT TO ENTHUSIASTIC READER because I had to. Parents like us need an easy-to-read guide of ideas for what to do for their child’s specific needs. Because not only did I teach reluctant readers for over a decade, my daughters were reluctant readers.

My first daughter arrived in this world with the wiggles. She didn’t want to cuddle while mommy read her a picture book. Once she was strapped into her high chair, eating, she was a finally the captive audience for books.

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In BOOK LOVE, I explain that there are four big reasons kids dislike reading:

  1. too boring
  2. too sitty (my eldest daughter)
  3. too blurry
  4. too tricky

For each reason, I provide lots of ideas for games, activities, crafts, and products that just might get your child loving to read.

The important thing is to discover why your child doesn’t like to read. Then, you can address it with more success.

When my second daughter came along, loving books, I assumed that her love would last forever. (Ha. You know what they say about assumptions.)

At Kindergarten, the school’s worksheet-palooza killed all passion for learning and books.

For this daughter, books were boring. She needed good books—books rich in story and imagination. Not dull worksheets photocopied and stapled together.

So, BOOK LOVE was born.

For those of you whose kids find reading too tricky, I elaborate on specific skills (alphabet, phonics, rhyming, fluency, comprehension) providing activities and games for each. Plus, you’ll find tons of book lists interest.

Book Love give parents just what we need—easy-to-access information and ideas raising a reader, and for reluctant readers.

Reading is everything after all. We must do everything possible to get our kids to love to read.

Book-Love-HeartsMelissa Taylor is an educator with a Master’s in Education, a freelance writer, a blogger at Imagination Soup, and a mom of two. BOOK LOVE is available in paperback and Kindle on

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