Congratulations to the 444 PiBoIdMo participants who completed the 30-ideas-in-30-days challenge! (That’s about 59.2% of you!) You’ve soldiered through a month stuffed with superstorms, turkeys and Black Friday to emerge triumphant!

So the moment has arrived—the GRAND PRIZE WINNER announcement. Four lucky winners will be paired with a kidlit agent who will review your FIVE best picture book ideas. You are encouraged to write your five best ideas up like jacket copy or a marketing pitch, a short paragraph for each story. You will have until December 10th to do so, so get right on this!

You will receive an email from me with further instructions. If you do not receive this email by midnight tonight, please contact me and I will resend.

So without further ado…


Congratulations, CAROL BREEDLOVE!

You’ve been paired with Ammi-Joan Paquette of Erin Murphy Literary Agency.


Hooray for LISA SCHNELL!

You’ve been paired with Teresa Kietlinski Dikun of Prospect Agency.


Squee, SUE FRYE!

You’ve been paired with Susan Hawk of The Bent Agency.


Confetti and donuts, KATHY CORNELL BERMAN!

You’ve been paired with Marietta B. Zacker of Nancy Gallt Literary Agency.


If you didn’t win one of the grand prizes, don’t worry! There are more winners to be announced on December 9th and 10th, including all of the prizes announced during the daily guest posts. They include signed books, original art, and picture book critiques.

And remember, everyone’s a winner because you have at least 30 ideas—some of which will no doubt become manuscripts. Those manuscripts WILL land some of you agents and yet others publishing deals. So get ready for a fantastic year ahead! I am sure that 2013 will bring us more PiBoIdMo success stories than ever!

Once again, THANK YOU for participating. I couldn’t do this without the enthusiasm of the kidlit community. The camaraderie of this group continues on Facebook, so if you never joined our community there, do so today. We’ll continue to chat about ideas and picture book writing through to PiBoIdMo 2013!

Plus, we still have a couple more days of Post-PiBoIdMo…