Today is the last day of pre-, post- and all things PiBoIdMo. It certainly has been an amazing event this year and I have all of you to thank. Thanks to the guest bloggers, authors, illustrators and agents who offer prizes. And thanks to all the participants because your enthusiasm for creating stories for children is what makes November my favorite and most productive month of the year!

Here are some fun stats from PiBoIdMo:

  • Over 570 registered participators
  • 29,633 web hits for November (did not include pre- or post-PiBo, which puts the number around 40,000)
  • Average 988 daily web hits
  • The most active time of day for comments was 1:00pm
  • The illustrator posts were, on average, more popular than author posts (sorry authors!)
  • The most active day was November 1st with 1995 web hits
  • 310 PiBoIdMo WINNERS completed the challenge (a 54% success rate!)
  • PiBoIdMo was ranked as high as #8 out of 15,601 book blogs on
  • PiBoIdMo participants created AT LEAST 9,300 new picture book ideas

Wow! That’s a lot of potential new stories to get into the hands of children…who will potentially find their new MOST FAVORITEST book in the bunch. Time to get writing!

Speaking of writing, PiBoIdMo inspired a new challenge from Julie Hedlund: the 12 in 12 Challenge. Picture book writers are encouraged to write 12 manuscripts in 12 months. Truth be told, this is my goal every year but I have yet to make it. Spurred on by the 12×12 community, I think this is totally doable!

Also, don’t forget to bring your idea journal over to Paula Yoo’s NaPiBoWriWee in May! Write seven first drafts in seven days.

I’d like to remind everyone that the PiBoIdMo Cafe Press shop will remain open year-round. Every purchase earns $3 for RIF and the Mount Prospect Elementary School Library. So far we’ve only raised $75. We can do much better! Get your mug, tote or tee today! (Please be aware that neither logo designer Bonnie Adamson nor I make any money from the CafePress shop. All proceeds are donated.)

Finally, I’d LOVE to hear your FEEDBACK about the event.

Who would you like to see guest blog next year?

What could be done better next year?

The PiBoIdMo Facebook group was Mindy Alyse Weiss’s idea and it is a warm, encouraging community that will remain open year-round.

What other ideas do you have for PiBoIdMo as it rolls into its fourth year?

And once again, thank you, thank you. You’ve truly made PiBoIdMo 2011 an event to remember!