by Courtney Pippin-Mathur

For PiBoIdMo, I’m giving you a very special gift.

Your very own Inspiration Fairy!

This Fairy will grant new ideas and make your kidlit dreams come true!

All you have to do is the following:

  1. click on her for the full size image
  2. print
  3. cut
  4. color
  5. attach her somewhere close to your work space.

Next, (and this is the only way to make fairy magic happen:) You have to believe.

And in order to believe, you have to work. You have to write or draw something as often as you can. And never give up! (for more than a few minutes or days at least)

The things you create can be things that are wonderful, horrible, short, long, happy, funny, sad and even things that will probably be better off in the recycling bin.

But, you have to do it.
You have to work for it.
And you have to believe.

I speak from experience. It took five years to get my first book published. It was the first book I wrote and the first publisher I sent it to. But, it took five years for the planets to align, my skills to improve and to get the yes. During these years, I hoped, despaired, submitted and almost quit a million times.

I give you this fairy to remind you that the kidlit adventure is dangerous, slow and might even bring you to tears occasionally.

But, hang in there, keep at it, work it and most of all, believe.

Courtney Pippin-Mathur is an illustrator and writer. Her first picture book as a writer and illustrator, MAYA WAS GRUMPY, is coming out Fall of 2012 with Flashlight Press. She juggles paint, paper, keyboard and three kids. She wouldn’t wouldn’t have it any other way.

Courtney is giving away an original watercolor painting of the Inspiration Fairy to a lucky commenter. A winner will be selected one week from today! Good luck!