Kids says the darndest things. And who better to give picture book authors great ideas than their readers? I asked Mrs. Lombardo’s 2nd Grade and Mrs. Mozer’s 3rd Grade classes what kind of book they would like to write and why.

“If I could publish a children’s book, it would be about…”

“Dragons because a lot of little boys like dragons.” – Oscar

“Soccer because I could teach others how to play soccer.” – Victor

“Dinosaurs because children like the T. Rex, triceratops and others.” – Aidan M.

“Friendship because children should learn how to be nice to each other.” – Mark

“Presidents because they are important for our country.” – Marshal

“Turkeys because it’s November.” – Dylan

“A girl and a boy walking in the woods and a witch would take them and bring them home. I would write it so some people would get scared a little bit.” – Taylor

“Dragons because I like dragons.” – Chris

“A little funny eraser who has big adventures all around the world because kids always like adventures.” – Gabriela

“Animals because lots of people like animals.” – Eliana

“Vampires and aliens because that is what most kids like.” – Annika

“A kid getting a pet. I would do it because they might like the book.” – Angelina

“Two girls who buy cotton candy. One of the girls eats it and the other one doesn’t. So it makes fun of that cotton candy. I would write this story because it makes me laugh.” – Neda

“Dragons. My book will be about dragons because it’s easy to make the problem and solve the problem.” – Thomas

“Friends because at school we learn about being bullied and good friends have to be nice to each other.” – Kyle

“Snow because children like to play in snow.” – Payoon

“Valentine’s Day because a lot of people like Valentine’s Day.” – Rebecca

“A girl and a boy helping others because other people could help others, too.” – Sophia

“A long time ago so kids can learn about a long time ago.” – Aidan Z.

“Christmas because it’s my favorite holiday.” – Halle

“A scarecrow, pumpkin, witch, house, people, crayons, lunch, snack, class. You could write a school.” – Vikesh

“A boy that could fly because it would be cool to see the world.” – George

“A boy who’s stuck in a haunted house because I like to tell spooky stories and it would be a cool adventure.” – Melanie

“A boy who could create pictures in his mind and make things happen because I think that would be exciting.” – Nick

“A girl who plays soccer because I think it would be interesting to read about a girl like me.” – Leah

“A girl who was teased because she was so good at math because I’m so good at math.” – Sophie

“A girl that has powers because I think that would be interesting.” – Hanna

“Dinosaurs because kids really like dinosaurs.” – Pierson

“A girl in a wheelchair because it would be cool to see how she dealt with school and her differences.” – Alex

“A girl that could fly because I would love to fly.” – Ella

“A girl that could go anywhere because she’d be able to get anything.” – Meredith

“A girl that wanted a dog because I want a dog and can’t get one.” – Denise

“A bear that is lazy and never helps people because it would be funny.” – Christian

“A boy who could fly because it’s my dream to fly and it would be cool to read about.” – Matthew

“People with powers because that would be cool.” – Jenna

“A boy who could fly because I like fantasy.” – Jimmy

“An alien who is friends with a boy because it would be cool.” – Julia

“A boy that could do amazing things because that would be interesting to read.” – Alexander

“A boy with super powers because that would be awesome.” – Henry

“Football because I know a lot about it and I play football.” – Tucker

“A kid who stunk at soccer and then becomes the best player on his team because it would be a good book.” – Lucas

“A boy who could fly because a lot of children want to fly and would like to read a book about it.” – Ethan

“A girl that has a brother and sister that annoys her a lot because I have a brother and sister that annoy me.” – Abby