Before I start receiving umpteen emails pointing out the misspelled title of this post, let me make it clear: that’s not a typo.

A few days ago, Ruth Spiro encouraged you to take a walk, read the newspaper or bake cookies instead of waiting for your big idea.

But what if it’s too cold to go outside? What if the paperboy forgot to stop at your house? And what if you’re out of flour and sugar?

Well, then Flickr.

You can travel the world on your computer. You can see things you wouldn’t find on a stroll around the neighborhood. It’s not as depressing as the paper, and while you can’t eat the photos, I’m sure some delicious goodies will pop onto your screen…eventually.

Use the Flickr interestingness link (again, not a typo) and you can view a selection of recent photos culled from millions of images. Why, just a few clicks of the “reload” button and I came across these beauties:


Photo Credit: Miss ellan eous

Where is that little girl? Who made the lantern for her? Her body language appears to be apprehensive. What or who is she approaching?


Photo Credit: just_ginge2007

Where is this mysterious land of milk and honey with skies like pumpkin pie?


Photo Credit: Clara Don

Fly me to the moon. Let me play among the stars.

So, how’s it going today?