When a character stops talking to me, I have no choice but to ask another to come forward.  Like a radio station that goes static across state lines, I must dial the tuner until I find another song worth listening to. And it’s gotta be catchy.

I could force myself to work on a project I’m not feeling, or jump on the current groove. I choose to go where inspiration takes me.

I understand that successful, published authors must learn to multitask. There may be times in the future when several projects will be coming to deadline and I’ll have to channel a myriad of characters.  However, being still unpublished, I can follow my fickle desires.

So one middle grade novel that received interest from professionals gets shelved…and a new one begins.

In the meantime, my picture books have been submitted. All three are out looking for homes. Write home soon, won’t you, boys?

For my submissions, I researched publishers to target those with books similar to mine (but not in direct competition) already on their list. Amazon’s “advanced search” function is helpful here, enabling you to search by publisher and age range. If you find a book similar to yours, you may be able to read it on Lookybook immediately instead of running to the library.

If I haven’t blogged recently, you can’t blame a girl who has been writing and submitting her work.  Now I must dive into research mode for my current middle grade novel, which includes historic elements that I last studied in grammar school.  I need to start getting smarter than a 5th grader!