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What kind of monsters do Mrs. Mozer’s 3rd graders have for us today? Well, they envision small, furry, cute monsters…except for Nick. I wouldn’t want to mess with Nick’s creature–he’s fierce!

So what do you prefer: a monster you can cuddle, or one who will protect you from evil-doers? I’d like a little of both!

Thanks again to these creative kids for sharing their Monstore merchandise with us. This is the last installment of Monster Monday…until I visit YOUR CLASS NEXT!

Does your class wanna Skype with me? I’ll visit any classroom via Skype in June. All you have to do is ask! I’ll give an advance reading of THE MONSTORE, lead you in a creative writing exercise, and of course, ask you what monster you’d like to buy at the Monstore!







Well I was so excited about my Quentin Blake find that I forgot to post the awesome monsters from Mrs. Mozer’s third grade class! I asked them to imagine a monster they could buy at the Monstore–what would it look like? What special talents would it have? Their answers just prove that kids have more creativity than adults! I mean, who else but a kid would invent a bubble gum man? Chew on that! (Or gee, is that a bubble GUN man? Either way, these monsters are cool! Excuse me while I go play Wii with Ella Jr.)





This week, I’ll have to borrow the Katy Perry monster from Leah. How did she know that I love “Firework”?

I’m a little worried about Ear Wax Man getting loose, though. And I’m curious why his nickname is Elvis Presley…???

Another huge thanks to Mrs. Mozer’s third grade class for the creative monsters! I wish they were all available at The Monstore. I’d most certainly go broke snatching them up.





Here are four more monsters created by the students in Mrs. Mozer’s third grade class.

I asked them to pretend they could shop at The Monstore (the neighborhood shop in my debut picture book). What kind of monster would they buy? What special talents would it have? They came up with some fabulous creatures!





Thanks again, Mrs. Mozer’s class. More illustrations to come next Monday! Have a monster of a week!

On World Read Aloud Day March 9, I visited Mrs. Mozer’s third grade class via Skype and gave them an advance reading of my debut picture book, THE MONSTORE.

Then I asked the students–if you could buy a monster at The Monstore, what would it look like? What special talents would it have?

The class drew pictures and each Monday for the next few weeks I’ll be sharing them with you.

These kids are very creative! Give them a hand (applause, not an extra monster hand, although that would be very useful).





Thanks to Mrs. Mozer’s class for sharing their monsters!

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