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How embarassing is it that a non-blogging friend turned me onto the 21-day KidLit Comment Challenge? I’m a sorry excuse for a blogger. Bad, bad Tara.

The very cool idea is to build a stronger kidlit community by commenting on at least five children’s literature blogs per day for 21 days.

Here’s the challenge from Mother Reader:

Since it is said that it takes twenty-one days to form a new habit, we’re going to run the Comment Challenge for the next three weeks—from Thursday, November 6, through Wednesday, November 26, 2008. The goal is to comment on at least five kidlitosphere blogs a day. Keep track of your numbers, and report in on Wednesdays. We’ll tell each other how we’re doing and keep each other fired up. On Wednesday, November 26, we’ll have a final check-in post for the Comment Challenge. I’m thinking that a prize package will be involved. Perhaps awarded by drawing from the bloggers who reached the 100 Comment Mark (five comments a day for twenty-one days with one day free of comment charge).

Pretty simple, huh? Ingenious, I say! Who couldn’t use a few new blog friends? And who doesn’t want to be turned onto great new children’s books?

Start zipping from blog link to blog link and you’ll discover talented writers and illustrators, uncover insightful book reviews, and find a new favorite blog topic in Mother Reader’s “WAPB” segment. (No, I’m not gonna tell you what that acronym means. Just click it!)

So please join me. You can start now by commenting below!

And pass it on! Tag, you’re it!

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