Thank you for patience! Every year after Storystorm, I vow that I will get to the prizes right away, but every year I take a loooong break.

Many thanks to Urania Smith for helping me with this. She got her part done long ago but I’ve been dragging my feet. And away we go…

Two of the Grand Prize Winners, Melissa Koch and R.G. Spaulding, already have agents, so they are passing on their prizes to two others. I allowed them to choose any daily prize they wanted instead, and they chose a signed ABSURD WORDS and a critique from me, so those daily prizes are now off the table. (Can I use any more clichés in this post???)

The two alternate Grand Prize Winners are:

Dawn Prochovnic: Stephen Fraser, Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency
Stephanie D. Jones: Sean McCarthy, Sean McCarthy Literary Agency

Congratulations! Be on the lookout for an email from me!

And here are the rest of the daily winners!

Day 2: Mirka Hokkanen–MOSSY AND TWEED plus a picture book critique
Winner: Cait Darfler

Day 3: Monica Acker–Non-rhyming picture book critique under 600 words
Winner: Ashley Chance

Winner: Abby Mumford

Winner: Maria Bostian

Day 6: Picture Book Junction

David McMullin–PB critique
Winner: Colleen Owen Murphy

Lisa Varchol Perron–Poetry bundle (3 children’s poetry anthologies: Things We Eat, Things We Feel, Imperfect II: Poems About Perspective)
Winner: Pat Haap

Ana Siqueira–PB critique (fiction and non-rhyming) or Zoom “Ask Me Anything”
Winner: Sharon Langley

Suzy Levinson–Children’s Poem critique (rhyming)
Winner: Sandy Belford

Aimee Isaac–picture book critique
Winner: Amanda Zeigler

Marie Boyd–PB critique
Winner: Teresa Robeson

A.J. Irving–Fiction PB critique in prose
Winner: Sarah Skolfield

Carrie Kruck–”Ask Me Anything” Storystorm edition! 30-minute Zoom
Winner: Kelly Vavala

Gabriela Orozco Belt–PB critique
Winner: Srividhya Venkat

Astrid Kamalyan–30-minute Zoom “Ask Me Anything” focusing on the process of creating PBs
Winner: Delia Ruiz

Sarah Hovorka–“Anything Goes!” 30-minute Zoom talk and/or critique of PB, query, first five pages of CB or MG, or outlines/prep work
Winner: Charles Trevino

Jack Wong–Publisher/agent query critique
Winner: René Bartos

Winner: Diane Mittler

Day 8: Kathleen Doherty picture book critique, fiction, up to 650 words
Winner: Colleen Owen Murphy 

Winner: Linda Kulp Trout

Day 10: Justin Colon–The Kidlit Hive webinars, as well as a 30-minute AMA session to discuss querying, submission, ideas, etc.
Winner: Rosemary Basham (Supermario6) 

Day 11: Lydia Lukidis–DEEP, DEEP DOWN
Winner: Joy Wieder 

Day 12: Jewish Board Books Group

Vivian Kirkfield–PB Critique OR Copy of PIPPA’S PASSOVER PLATE
Winner: Mona861 

Nancy Churnin–copy of COUNTING ON SHABBAT
Winner: Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod

Sarah Aroeste–MAZAL BUENO
Winner: Sara Ackerman

Ann Koffsky–15-minute Zoom Critique
Winner: Jennifer Vose

Varda Livney–CHALLAH!
Winner: Jilanne Hoffmann

Day 13: Dianna Murray–PB critique
Winner: Sophie Furman

Day 14: Hillary Homzie–IF YOU WERE A PRINCESS
Winner: Claire Bobrow

30-minute Zoom critique of your picture book manuscript or the first five pages of your novel
Winner:  Sue Macartney

Day 15: Rebecca Gardyn Levington–BRAINSTORM! (US)
Winner: Reed Hilton-Eddy

Winner: Bethanny Parker

30-minute Ask-Me-Anything Zoom Session!
Winner: Jennifer Jahn

Day 16: Karen Henry Clark–LIBRARY GIRL and Nancy Pearl librarian action figure
Winner: Rozanark Rozana Rajkumari

Day 17: Patricia Tanumihardja–RAMEN FOR EVERYONE
Winner: Suzanne Lewis

Winners: Lauren Barbieri and Amanda Backof

Day 19: Kidlit in Color Group

Valerie Bolling–15-minute AMA
Winner: Jennifer Blanck

Kaitlyn Wells–15-minute AMA or picture book manuscript critique
Winner: Janie Reinart

Alyssa Reynoso-Morris–30-minute AMA or a picture book manuscript critique
Winner: Bonnie Lambourn

Natasha Khan Kazi–15-minute AMA or a PB non-rhyming fiction manuscript critique
Winner: Johanna Peyton

Aya Khalil–15-minute AMA or a PB non-rhyming fiction manuscript critique
Winner: Ana Kelly

Alliah L. Agostini–15-minute AMA or a copy of Big Tune or The Juneteenth Story
Winner: Rebecca Gardyn Levington

Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow–15-minute AMA
Winner: Kirsten Bock

Day 20: Jill Davis–signed ABSURD WORDS
Winner: (Kidlitgail) Gail Handler

Day 21: M.O. Yuksel–ONE WISH: Fatima al-Fihri and the World’s Oldest University
Winner: Judy Abelove Shemtob

Day 22: Jackie Azúa Kramer and Jonah Kramer–MANOLO AND THE UNICORN
Winners: Deb Adamson and Kathleen Clark

Day 23: Lauren H. Kerstein–30-minute video-call consultation
Winner: David McMullin

Day 24: Louise M. Aamodt–picture book critique
Winner: Shyrelle

Agent, Emily S. Keyes of Keyes Agency LLC–feedback on a picture book manuscript plus its accompanying query
Winner: Jennifer Cowan

Day 25: Marzieh Abbas–picture book critique (under 650-word fiction and non-rhyming manuscript)
Winner: Beth Pollock

Day 26: CK Malone
Ask Me Anything Session with myself and my agent Dan, founder of Page Turner Literary (30 minutes)
Winner: Carlisle Malon

Critique of a Fiction PB up to 2,000 words with multiple revisions (just me)
Winners: Sylvia Mary Grech and Melissa Kay Valente

CHARLY Signed Prize bundle of book and LGBTQ+ Items + A surprise book not by me: 3 winners
Winners: Carol Gwin Nelson, brennajeanneret, and Natalie Lynn Tanner

Day 27: Ebony Lynn Mudd–scholarship to her upcoming course: How to Find the Right Picture Book Structure to Save Your Story
Winner: Pamela Harrison

Day 28: Kirsten Pendreigh–picture book critique, or a virtual classroom visit to read LUNA’S GREEN PET Winner: Stacey Gustafson

Day 29: Laura Lavoie–30-minute Ask-Me-Anything Zoom chat
Winner: Karin Larson

Day 30: Corey Finkle–YOUR FUTURE IS BRIGHT
Winner: Hilary Mankovsky

Manuscript review and/or Zoom career consultation
Winner: Danya Vasquez David

Phew! That’s alotta prizes!

Please be on the lookout for an email from me within the next week!

Congratulations to all AND SEE YOU for STORYSTORM 2024!