[Update 10/19/12: There wasn’t enough time to properly plan this retreat for the Nov-Dec timeframe, so I am considering doing it in the spring instead. Please follow this blog (see left column) to get all the updates!]


No, this isn’t a trick. No plastic thumb or fake dove here. Smoke and mirrors? Nah. This is a real treat. Better than chocolate. It’s a PiBoIdMo Retreat!

Yes, I’ve been kicking around this harebrained scheme to host a picture book writing retreat and workshop weekend with a PiBoIdMo theme in late November or early December. Am I nuts? Yes, of course! Only crazy pants people can be children’s authors, silly!

Cozy, no? Don’t you wanna just plop down and write?

The Grand Summit Hotel in Summit, NJ is the proposed venue. Located in downtown Summit, The Grand Summit offers walking access to the NYC train, shops and restaurants, plus this mid-sized hotel provides personalized service and well-appointed rooms with a comfortable, hometown feel. (OK, with that description it’s painfully obvious that I’ve been obsessed with “The Price is Right” game on Facebook.)

Two picture book authors (moi included), one picture book literary agent and one picture book editor from a major house comprise the potential faculty.

And you, the first 24 PiBoIdMo devotees to register, will be the small, intimate group of lucky attendees.

There will be four workshop classes plus smaller break-out sessions. And plenty of time to write and gossip. How about a Friday night dinner soiree with open bar, too? Cranberry Cosmos for all! (Saturday-morning hangover optional.)

I am busy crunching numbers to determine if this is possible. So, if this sounds even remotely intriguing, please speak up in the comments. Tell me how much is a reasonable attendance fee (bear in mind you’d also have costs for hotel accommodations and transportation) and what you’d want out of the weekend.

I need your input, PiBoIdMo’ers! Let the comments commence!