EMU's Debuts

Last week I got the thrill every author looks forward to—a rough sketch of my book cover for THE MONSTORE. (Phew, I need an editor. I don’t mean every author looks forward to THE MONSTORE cover, but it sure would be a boon to my sales if they did!)

The cover was only in black and white, but WOWIE! To see my characters starting back at me with these eager “read me” expressions was as thrilling as holding my daughters for the first time. (Except then I was exhausted and thirsty. At least this time I was well-rested with a huge ceramic vat of chai.)

I immediately printed it out and my five-year-old and I colored it in. Then we slapped it on the basket of the scooter that I use to tool around the neighborhood.  Yep, it’s now a MONSTOREMOBILE!

We then scooted over to the elementary school to…

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