steampotvillecoverLast week I interviewed author-illustrator Steve Ouch about his indie picture book, SteamPotVille. I had discovered Steve on Twitter in January with 5,000 followers, 19 five-star reviews on Amazon, and a passion for promoting his book.

Today he may have made Twistory by selling 200 copies of SteamPotVille, enough to reach #208 in Amazon’s ranking system, just behind one of Rick Steves’ travel books. What inspired the push? Steve’s banker had promised him a book tour loan if he could sell 200 copies today. So that’s just what he did.

Steve remained on Twitter for 15 hours and made hundreds of posts pushing his book. With over 10,000 followers now, he only needed 2% of them to buy. And they did. He Tweeted when someone made a purchase and promoted that person. He excerpted lines from the book. Suggested adults would love it as much as kids. Offered it as a St. Patrick’s Day gift idea. There wasn’t a sales angle he missed.

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