Slumpy and dumpy, I’m feeling grumpy. The end of December twinkled its lights and blinded me. Images of sugarplums not only danced in my head, they had an all-night party and crashed on my couch for two weeks. 

I took a break from writing, interrupting one of the most prolific writing periods I’ve ever had. Call it a creativity smackdown. And now, well, I can’t seem to jumpy back into it.

What to do?

I need to chug-chug along here. I’ve got a mentoring session to attend in February and the NJ-SCBWI annual conference is in early June. (Five months is a mere blip in the writing world, like the short amount of time humans have been on Earth in comparison to the age of the Universe.)

How can I snap myself back into shape? I need a hard wallop upside my head. Didn’t I just write about making this year a revisolution? Ha! What a crock! I’m soft and lumpy.

So give me your ideas. How do you get out of a writing slump?