Finally, here they are. The Grand Prize Winners of Storystorm!

These stormers registered, completed the challenge, and were randomly selected with the help of Urania Smith of Kidlit Nation.

Each winner has been paired with a kidlit literary agent to receive feedback on their best 5 story ideas, helping them decide which ideas to pursue as manuscripts. I also added one additional prize of an idea consult with yours truly.

If you didn’t win a Grand Prize, please hold on tight. Winners of the individual daily prizes will be announced soon!

Steve Jankousky → Ammi-Joan Paquette of Erin Murphy Literary Agency

Elizabeth W Saba → Tara Gonzalez of Erin Murphy Literary Agency

Jess Burbank → Sean McCarthy of Sean McCarthy Literary Agency

Alison Ferguson → Kelly Sonnack of Andrea Brown Literary Agency

Cristina Ergunay → Charlotte Wenger of Prospect Agency

Midge Smith → Lisa Fleissig &  Ginger Harris-Dontzin of Liza Royce Agency

Jen Anyong → Maeve MacLysaght of Copps Literary Services

Zoraida Rivera → Susan Hawk of Upstart Crow Literary

Candace Spizzirri → Tara Lazar of This Here Blog

These winners should start polishing their ideas and fleshing them out into concise pitches. I’ll be emailing you shortly with details!

Congratulations to all!