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Prize announcement time!


I’ve been so forgetful lately. I think it’s all the snow freezing my brain.

So first, remember BACKHOE JOE? Lori Alexander’s debut? Yeah, I never picked a winner. It was right as I was gearing up for PiBoIdMo. So, yeah again. You understand. Finally, the winner is of Joe’s prize pack is…


Next, the winner of Dan Krall’s SICK SIMON prize pack is…

CANTSING1! (I have your email address, so I will find you! And I can’t sing, either.)

And you’re not going to believe this one…


During PiBoIdMo there was a Facebook group discussion about using Scrivener for writing picture books. (Some referenced Claire O’Brien’s free PB template, found here.)

I contacted Scrivener and they offered FOUR LICENSES, TWO FOR EACH PLATFORM (Mac and Windows) for me to give away to PiBoIdMo winners. AND I FORGOT TO GIVE THEM AWAY.


So here’s what I’m gonna do. Since I don’t know which platform each of you own, I’ll randomly select two folks now from the PiBoIdMo “winners” list. Then I’ll pick two more after the first two have been claimed.

The first two licenses go to…




I will be getting in touch with all the winners via email, so be on the lookout for my message.

Thanks again to for offering these licenses and for helping me make it a freakin’ awesome Friday.



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